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How to make a custom bee hive stand

I’ve been keeping bees for about a month now. I absolutely love the little girls! My friend, Stefan from A Jar Of Honey in San Jose, gave me a hive to get started. I needed my own bee stand, and here is what I came up with. Cut two 2x6s (2x4s would also be sufficient) long enough to hold two bee hives. Cut two more long enough for the width of the hive. Nail them together; the legs will later add strength:     The legs I made with 1.5″ metal pipe and angle iron. 1″ pipe would be sufficient,... [read more]

Nepal Unicycle Tour: Relaxing

Here is another fantastic picture of my Nepal trip by Dawa Sherpa from Himalayan Trails Adventure Travel.  I’m sitting admiring the mountains, while Michele is checking something out. Our other local guide, Ankit, is looking off into the distance. I hope to do a writeup on my trip at some point. Partially for myself to remember, and also to share my trip with others.

Nepal Unicycle Tour

Photo by Dawa Sherpa, the wonderful guide on my Nepal Unicycle Tour through the Himalayas.  

How much money does my YouTube channel pull in?

I’ve wondered why my YouTube payments never show up in my Google Adsense payments. I finally realized that it is because they have never hit the $100 minimum threshold for payment issuing (ever!). I enabled ads on my videos starting in 2012; mainly just to see if I could make any money from it. I really don’t get enough video visitors to actually get anything; although I’m pretty close to the $100 minimum! Here is a screen grab of the estimated earnings and stats for each video I have with ads:   I have gotten a few $100 payments from... [read more]

Downloading WordPress Content – “Maximum execution time of 30 seconds” error

I occasionally want to download all my blog posts from WordPress. This is easy to do in the web config – go to Tools -> Export and “Download Export File”. The download would max out at about 8 MB and just stop, probably because I have a relatively slow connection at home. I’d get a fatal error at the end of the file: Fatal error:  Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in... on line ... To fix this, I need to change the “max_execution_time=30”  to something higher (like 500), and then lower it back down to make sure the... [read more]

Portable solar panels

I do a lot of adventures. My last adventure was unicycling the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal. I wasn’t planning on having a lot of access to electricity, so I wanted to get a portable solar panel for the trip.  I’ll share my notes and research in case you are looking to do the same. Goals:  12 volt output (for my DSLR batteries) Minimum 5 watt output (7 watts or more ideal) Fairly durable Ideally regulated voltage (but not essential) Ideally waterproof, or weather resistant Some type of battery system would be nice Optional: USB outputs The lighter the better The... [read more]

Repairing a “Stuck Brush” error on Neato XV-11 Vacuum

May 2018 Update: Issues with the latest Botvac: I have a Neato XV-11 Vacuum that I bought quite a few years ago when it first came out. The initial version had quite a few glitches and bugs, and I had it replaced a few times within the first few years. Neato is a great company in how they support their product, and they offered free shipping and returns of the vacuum. I really liked this kind of top notch support. The XV-11 is now superseded by the Neato XV-12 and costs around $270 on Amazon (you can also find it on... [read more]

Website statistics

Here are my website statistics: I just ran across SeeTheStats — a site that imports Google Analytics data and turns it into some cool graphs that anyone can see. I’m hoping to slowly grow visitor growth on my blog by providing some sort of useful content.  Here’s a screen grab of my current stats today:

Facebook promotes stealing other people’s content

I’ve had the unfortunate affair of several people stealing one of my videos to gain hits on their Facebook pages. It is this video: LED Cyr Wheel v2 – Initial Test, that I uploaded to YouTube in April 2014: I blogged about it here, and it this is the YouTube link: The two copies of my video are: Krafty Kuts (2/25/15: 413,081 views, 4757 shares) and Cypher-Glover (2/25/15: 65,000 views, 1482 shares). Cypher promptly responded to my request to update the video — Krafty took a while longer, but probably because they are on the other side of the... [read more]

Grainger, shame on you for bad packaging!

I ordered a small switch from Grainger and it came in a huge box: What a waste of packaging!! Shame on you guys. Please don’t overpack; it is wasteful.

WildFire v3 Arduino compatible Wifi enabled board

Wicked Device is making a cool little Arduino clone called the WildFire. Why is it cool? Because it includes the CC3000 Wifi chip built in, an SD card slot, and the ATmega1284p processor – which has tons more memory than the Arduino UNO! It is also a great price at $50. Consider the alternative of buying an UNO ($25 – Adafruit) and a CC3000 breakout board ($35) and you are now already at $60 before adding on an SD card. The board is also well thought out; you can easily breadboard it with the female headers, and then solder it... [read more]

Adafruit CC3000 + Webduino = Arduino Web Server over Wifi

Adafruit has a CC3000 breakpoint board for $35 on their site. Rather expensive, considering the chip should be $10, but it adds some nice features and they wrote a library for it. Cut to the chase: for a rather full featured Arduino web server with the CC3000 chip, check out my port of Webduino CC3000 on my GitHub page. REQUIRES my forked version of Adafruit_CC3000 ———– Longer story: I want to add Wifi support to my LED cyr wheel. My goal is to be able to wirelessly control it from an iOS device (iPhone or iPad). I also want to... [read more]

LED Cyr Wheel v2: Custom PCB

I finished designing a custom PCB for my LED cyr wheel. It simply combines all the chips I use into one board. Ideally I would eliminate all of the other boards except the Teensy, but I’m not so good at SMD soldering yet. I designed it in Eagle: And I’ll be printing it with OSH Park based on advice from my friend Spencer. This things should be awesome! It’ll be my first PCB, so i’m crossing my fingers that I did everything right.

SD Card errors with Arduino / Teensy 3.0

With my LED cyr wheel I kept getting random errors in reading data from my SD card with Ardunio code. Sometimes init would fail, even at half speed. Most often I would get corrupted data, or not be able to read the filenames. Worse, it would start to read and then fail. Searching around, I found it could be one of the following problems: * Bad SD card (I tried a few of them) * Improperly formatted SD Card (I used the official SD Card Formatter from SD: and it still failed) * Floating CS (Chip Select / Slave... [read more]

Uploading Sketchup (skp) files into WordPress

So, I want to use Ecto (and probably other blog tools, like MarsEdit) to upload Sketchup .skp files, but it was always giving “invalid file type”. I poked around in WordPress, and here is what I modified to make it work: Edited wp-includes/functions.php, and found: get_allowed_mime_types(..) and added this to the list: ‘skp’ => ‘application/sketchup’, Then in wp_ext2type() added ‘skp‘ to the ‘text’ type mapping: It seems that both are required to allow it to work. took me forever to figure this out!

LED Notes / LED Cyr Wheel v2

I’m investigating LEDs for another LED cyr wheel (v2). Here is my first LED Cyr wheel and a video. I figure I’ll just make my notes on my blog for others to benefit. Goals: Individually addressable LEDs, so I can do cool patterns At least as many LEDs as my first wheel, but possibly twice as many (a strip on each side), which was my original plan Built in battery charger and batteries (Lithium ion) Easy to access way of reprogramming (i.e.: USB port) Extras: Accelerometer for basing patterns on speed Live touch strips, for dynamically changing the LEDs while... [read more]


I’m investigating adhesives, and ways I can bond the plastic PVC tubing on cyr wheels back together. I want to cut the plastic tubing, and embed LEDs under it for some cool effects. For my first LED cyr wheel, I used high temp hot glue gun glue; that worked “okay”, but it is fairly easy to pull apart. I also need a better way of protecting the LEDs, as some are dying. First I’m going to try RH Products “HH-66 vinyl cement“, which is easy to find from numerous resellers (including ebay). The website for it says it will bond... [read more]

Oil pan fixed on my Harley

I have an old Harley, and it has leaked oil for quite a while. I finally decided to do some maintenance on the old bike and took off the oil pan and stripped the paint off. The tank had a leak on the left tab; the tab was welded on, but vibrations created a hairline crack on it. I filled it up with brass brazing rods and also repaired a crack in the bottom center mount. Then painted it powder coat red and put it back together. I also added some new rear shocks, changed the oil, new oil filter,... [read more]

Tree Climbing

Top Search Terms for my Blog

Lots of people search for treehouse, followed by cyr wheel / roue cyr! People are in particular interested in making these things themselves.

Old times…

For about 7 years I drove a 1967 Ford Mustang around. I miss that car! It would have been a cool conversion to electric. I just scanned some old pictures I came across and thought I’d toss them on the internets. \

Poetry – Rushing Kiss

Rushing Kiss – October, 2011. by neeb (aka corbin). whispers breathe from bounding lips, sound flows across and slowly drips, ears hear as it pours on in, gasping, for the air feels thin, heart blooms turning me warm, eyes shut, waiting for the storm, soft hands glance my shoulder, presently aware as I the beholder, green sight I sense upon me, coming through as pure chi, then a rushing kiss, sparks me into ever bliss.


So, that ad on the right side of my website…how much does it get me? Well, not much. In the years I’ve been running it, I’ve received one check for $100 (hey, that’s better than nothing!). I earn about $.02 a day. Here’s a screen shot from adsense: In other words, don’t quit my day job. Wait, I really like my day job, so I wouldn’t quit it even if the blog was pulling in millions!

New blog layout

I got tired of the old layout. It was a few years old: The new version has a graphic on top and a lighter gray themed layout:

Plasma Cutter

I got a new tool a few weeks ago. A plasma cutter! After doing some research, I went with a Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 52. It is awesome! I also had to get a new air compressor to keep up with it. I went with a Husky one from Home Depot; it has a three year warranty, whereas most other ones of the same size have a 1 year warranty. Plus, there were lots of good reviews on

old poetry (part 3)

I’m not sure when I wrote this. Yes, I do make up words! ———————————————————————— wandering through a vast void of black, a small light appears to bring me back, turns from night to dawn to day, with the air clear and around to stay, then thick like clouds it becomes, and wet like water it runs, making all turn to green, bringing life to those seen, happiness to mark the path, until a query it you havith, but the answer presents to you, for it is, my love for you.

old poetry

I’ve always been fascinated with poetry. I generally write poetry for specific people. Here’s some of my older work; you can deduce who it was for by the year and month (if you know me well enough). this poem could be much better with some rework of a few parts. March 30, 2004 if, but you may, realize how moonstruck i am. ahh, but an example. when i dauntlessly gaze upon you, my heart flutters from within, trying to escape, and take over my being. all my senses begin to flee from me, until, yes, my ears do work, for... [read more]

Garden 2011

In this year’s garden I planted a bunch of stuff. It was going great this year, since I installed a drip system. Unfortunately while I was at burning man, the deer discovered how to hop into the garden and eventually (mainly the week I was here) managed to mow down anything that was left of it. Oh was at the end of the ropes for the garden, but I was a little sad that they destroyed my luscious tomatoes before I got any. Carrots were a major success this year, and I still have a lot of them hiding... [read more]

Burning Man (part 2)

Some more stuff! I forgot I had a few pictures on my iPhone. The temple burn: This was really cool. The temple was this massive fire, and the updraft would carry about 2’x2′ pieces of burning plywood up into the air and drop it down on the ground right beside me. Looking backwards from the burn at the night sky you could see all the embers floating down to earth like little slow moving falling stars. It was totally amazing. Here’s a close up (at home) of my top hat and glasses before I left.

Burning Man 2011

I hadn’t been to Burning Man in 5 years or so and really wanted to go back. Previously, I would camp with Pancake Playhouse (which was a total blast), but this year I thought I would start a “unicycle camp”. It turns out there wasn’t enough interest in it, and a bunch of my friends had a “Circus Boot Camp” they were thinking of doing again. So, I joined forces with them and we had an awesome time teaching people various circus skills on the playa. I initially thought I would take a ton of pictures, but in the end... [read more]

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