Tooltips for NSTableView cell’s in Tiger

At WWDC, I quickly mentioned how easy it is to add tooltip’s to an NSCell for an NSTableView/NSOutlineView. Here is a quick snippet of code on how to do this only if the text doesn’t... [read more]
Apple, Cocoa, General

Tiger and the keyboard

Okay, one of the coolest Tiger enhancements has to do with keyboard shortcuts. The “really smart” Human Interface people at Apple figured out some stuff that bothered me in Panther. The main one that I... [read more]
Apple, General

Drawing a “mail like” border on items in an NSTableView

Mail has a cool way of making unread messages stand out. It is really easy to do this type of thing with NSTableView/NSOutlineView. Subclass the one you want, and override drawRow. Toss in the code... [read more]
Apple, Cocoa, General

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