Building the Chesapeake 16LT Kayak: Part 5 – The bottom side

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The kayak is still moving along! I’ve been a bit busy enjoying the outdoors: mountain biking (yeah on two wheels!), camping, and rock climbing. 

The next part was to glass the interior middle section; there is some heavy duty fiberglass added to re-enforce the passenger area:

IMG 7805


This area had two coats applied, just like the front and back sections.

Then the boat was flipped over:

IMG 7808IMG 7807


I cut off all the spikes pretty closely with wire cutters and used a dremel to grind them down a bit. They said you could just sand them down..but I figured that would tear the paper. I then used a random orbital sander to sand it down with 80; including a bit of rounding over the edges. 

Next up was taping the lines in prep for filling in the slight gap with some wood putty epoxy mix:

IMG 7809IMG 7811



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