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The Arizona Trail by Unicycle: Day 6, The Easy 10 Miles

April 5th, 2017 We camped by the road last night which was good and bad. It was good because the access was easy, we had pizza delivered, and it was relatively flat. It was bad because there were cars and trucks driving by at 3:30AM on the way to work. And the train. If the train itself wasn’t load enough, it would also blow its horn right before the crossing, so if we managed to sleep through the normal train noise it would for sure wake us up when it blew its load honker.  The morning pack up went normal... [read more]

The Arizona Trail by Unicycle: Day 5: Did somebody order a pizza?

April 4, 2017 Wind howling through a 15 foot cactus makes an interesting sound. I imagine the wind is screaming in pain and wishing it never encountered the cactus. At least, that is how I felt when I tried to get a bit of cactus off my shoe. I wished I had never encountered the thing! This one specific cactus plant in the desert sends out little cacti bombs that stick to anything in their path. I tried to remove one with my hand. That was a mistake as it just stuck to my fingers and I had to pull... [read more]

The Arizona Trail by Unicycle: Day 4: Going Commando

April 3, 2017 My upper butt was incredibly sore from the past few days so I started my day a little bit earlier than Jamey and Rebekka so I could take it easy. That meant a little bit more pushing and less riding to let my bottom heal. I also decided to nix the riding shorts for the first hour and just left everything air out a bit. I wished I had brought two pairs of riding shorts so I could swap to a more comfortable pair. So I flipped on my phone and discovered I had descent reception. I... [read more]

The Arizona Trail by Unicycle: Day 3, The Unicycle Savior

April 2, 2017  Snakes in the bed!  I tend to have a reoccurring dream that there is a snake somewhere in my bed. I’ll be sleeping and all of a sudden start tearing covers off the bed looking for a snake that I swear is there. I’ll flip on the lights and start a serious snake hunt trying to find the damn thing. It seems so real to me, but of course there really isn’t one around and I just am having an “interactive dream”, as I call them. I do this in some sort of semi dream semi awake... [read more]

The Arizona Trail on Unicycle: Day 2, Into the White

It Saturday, April 1, 2017 We woke up to no wind, calm skies and a slight overcast. This should be the recipe for a good day in Arizona, right? Well, think again… Jamey, Rebekka and I hit the road instead of the trail to continue up and over Mt Lemon. (I think that was the name). Apparently this is common for bikers and AZ trail racers as the trail up is super technical and steep. Andy again took our bags to the top of the mountain in his car to save us some energy. I still had a pretty full... [read more]

The Arizona Trail on Unicycle: Day 1, The Mountain Lion

March 31, 2017 The Mountain Lion  This isn’t what you are thinking. Well, I hope you are thinking about a unicyclist getting chased by a mountain lion on some tiny dirt trails, frantically waving their arms to try to escape.  But that isn’t what happened. Instead, my day started at 3:40 AM with the alarm blazing. I force my hand like putting it through a hot fire and turned it off.  Lexi graciously got up with me to drive me to the airport. We hit the road by 4 AM and after a short bit up the road we saw... [read more]

Unipacking last training ride

One last hill climb before I head out to the Arizona Trail!

Unipacking: Designing Panniers for a Unicycle: Prototypes

After a bunch of research, and making a new handlebar, I decided to start up on some prototype unicycle panniers and bags. First I just strapped my tent under the front bar; this was a quick hack:       It won’t work at all as it rubbed way too much on my legs. Next came some cardboard prototypes:       This allowed me to get a general feel for what sizes would work.  What material should I use to make the bags? At first I went to a local Beverley’s Fabric store, but this left me empty handed.... [read more]

Unipacking: Designing Panniers for a Unicycle: Research

In April 2017 I’m planning on riding the Arizona Trail via my unicycle. This will involve unipacking: carrying all my supplies for a self supported off road adventure over the course of hundreds of miles. First I needed a better custom handlebar that is more comfortable for long distance muni riding. In “Creating a Custom Unicycle Handlebar Part 1” I talk about my goals for the handlebar and compare it to some old designs. In Part 2, Fabrication I have a video of me fabricating the new handlebar. Definitely watch that if you are interested in creating your own designs. I... [read more]

Unipacking: Custom unicycle handlebar, part 2

In my last post, I talked about the setup and why I want to make a new handle bar for my KH26 geared mountain unicycle. Here’s a video detailing the construction of it:  

Unicycle handlebar evolution over time

Here’s a few pictures that go with my last video and post: My previous KH26 handlebar that I had made:   Older handlebars:     Post modifications, and experimenting with strapping a tent under it:         The tent here doesn’t work; it is too large and rubs on my legs. Continue on to newer posts that will talk about a custom bag I’m making!

Unipacking: Creating a custom unicycle handlebar, part 1

I’ve been making custom unicycle handlebars for over 10 years. I’ve refined the shape quite a bit over the years and I always have been tending to go wider and wider, and more mountain bike in style. Some of my original designs include the “Unibar”, which I fabricated from old bicycle handlebars: The old bike handlebars were really strong, but the metal base plate added a lot of weight to the overall design. I also didn’t really like the angle very much. Check out a few more pictures and the Sketchup 3D file: Some other experiments I’ve done (this isn’t... [read more]

The Arizona Trail on Unicycle

I’m in the process of preparing for my next big trip: The Arizona Trail on Unicycle. The Arizona Trail splits the state almost in half with an 800 mile vertical line from Mexico all the way to the top of Arizona. My friend, Jamey Mossengren, spearheaded the idea to do the trail. I’ve always loved doing adventures, and this sounded absolutely epic.  I’m going to coin a new term: unipacking. Unicycle + Backpacking = Unipacking. Biker’s already have a similar term: Bicycle + Backpacking = Bikepacking.  This differs from bike touring in that it is all offload, and the setup is... [read more]

V36 Handlebar update – brake protector

My handlebar has been working really well, but I wanted something to protect the brake lever. So I welded on a little half moon to protect it, and threw on some black spray paint over the rust:     My cycle computer broke; they always seem to fail after a few years. This one lasted a while! 1575 miles on the ODO.  Back in August of last year when I rebuilt the geared 36 wheel the computer had 694 miles. So, I’ve put nearly a 1000 miles on the frame in the past 9 months; it took me 1.5 years... [read more]

The Corbin V36 Unicycle

Back in 2012 I decided to make a V36 unicycle. I’ve kept breaking handlebars, mainly at the point where they attach to the seat base or the main seat post tube. The “T” unicycle design isn’t strong enough, and a V is clearly the way to go. I’ve been riding the unicycle for the past 4 years, and have at least 1000 miles on it (probably a lot more). It works quite well, but has a little too much side to side flex that can probably be cured with some larger main post tubing.   Here’s a collection of the... [read more]

The 93 mile unicycle ride adventure

A few weekends ago I decided to do a long unicycle ride. Up to this point, the longest ride I did was around Lake Tahoe, which is no short ride topping in at over 70 miles with a bit of climbing and at a much higher elevation than my normal sea level riding. It was incredibly tough, and I did it before the invention of geared unicycles.  Check out the complete ride stats on Strava: 93.2 miles, 8:20 minutes of moving time (about 10 hours total time out), and 8,134 ft of climbing. Not too shabby! I really want to... [read more]

Unicycling Tesla Road Trip to Sedona Arizona

I still really enjoy mountain unicycling. We used to have an annual event in Moab called Moab Muni Fest, but the organizer decided to call it quits. People would do an informal one for a while, and this year someone threw out a new location: Sedona, Arizona! I went to college in Prescott Arizona for a few years, and did a trip or two to Sedona. I recall it being very beautiful, but it was so long ago that I don’t remember much. I have every Friday off from work (I work part time), and I decided to drive my... [read more]

Purple Unicycle

My friend Patricia wanted a purple unicycle to match her brother Scott’s frame. Scott has my old KH26 that I painted purple back in 2010. Just like last time, I did a coat of Chrome, and as soon as it was out of the oven I shot it with purple and put it back in for 20 more minutes.  

Custom Dragon Unicycle – powder coating and lettering

My unicycle friend Dragon has just started college at UCSC and needed a 29er to get around. I fixed up an old 29’er that I had around. The frame was chromed steel, so I did some easy cleanup on it with acetone and a wire wheel: el I put on some high temp tape and printed out DRAGON on some paper. I taped it over the high temp tape: I carefully cut it out with a sharp exacto:    Then peeled the tape away:   Sprayed it with powder and did a gradient fade:     I baked it and... [read more]

New Geared 36 unicycle wheel build

My geared 36 unicycle was breaking spokes nearly every ride. I’ve rebuilt the wheel with the same spokes quite a few times over the years. I would have to rebuild it when the hub failed or had some problem that caused me to send it back to Switzerland. Or simply because I was learning how to build wheels myself, and didn’t really know what I was doing (that was the first wheel build). Here is a time lapse taken with my iPhone 6 of me lacing the wheel:   I also replaced the brake pads with a new organic pad... [read more]

SF Uni Tour

Going through some old pictures on my hard drive and ran across this one that Daniel Inouye took of me on the San Francisco Unicycle Tour back in 2011: I like the composition; my head is centered in the top third of the picture, with my body in the dead center. It conveys a ton of movement. 

Nepal Unicycle Tour: Relaxing

Here is another fantastic picture of my Nepal trip by Dawa Sherpa from Himalayan Trails Adventure Travel.  I’m sitting admiring the mountains, while Michele is checking something out. Our other local guide, Ankit, is looking off into the distance. I hope to do a writeup on my trip at some point. Partially for myself to remember, and also to share my trip with others.

Nepal Unicycle Tour

Photo by Dawa Sherpa, the wonderful guide on my Nepal Unicycle Tour through the Himalayas.  

Unicycle handlebar: Inverted V

In my last unicycle handlebar experiment I did a simple T, slightly bent forward. This design was too close to my knees, didn’t feel very good on my hands, and felt a bit unstable.  I made a new handlebar with a slight inverted V, and a more forward position. I also put some comfy handlebar grips on them from REI, sort of similar to these ones from Amazon for $6. I think I paid more at REI, and next time I’ll get a set from Amazon as I can get free Prime shipping. Here are a few shots of the setup on... [read more]

Unicycle handlebar experiments

I’ve been doing some more experiments on my V-36 unicycle handlebar. The original version was just a basic T with bar ends. The T wasn’t too wide, but MUCH wider than stock handlebars (such as the KH T-bar or’s variations). I hadn’t ridden the V-36 much since I made it. I did a few longish rides (~27 miles, and then 20 miles a few days later), and my wrists were in a lot of pain. Mostly my right hand; which constitutes from the position I use when braking. I spent an hour or so welding up another prototype. I... [read more]

26″ Mountain Unicycle Tires

I have had my geared 26″ mountain unicycle since about 2009. It is a Kris Holm 26″ frame (KH26), the Schlumpf 2-speed hub, and a custom handlebar I made. I’ve gone through a few tires in the past years, so here is my recent experience and research on them. Tires I’ve Used (in order): 1. WTB Stout 26×2.3″: Cost: ??. Weight ??. My first tire that I got on the unicycle in 2009. I wanted something very light weight for racing and cross country. Unfortunately it is too light, and definitely not wide enough. I felt like uni was a... [read more]

New Corbin UniBar (unicycle handlebar)

I made a new handlebar for my geared KH26. I was using the KH T-bar, but it feels really flexy and it feels like the seat will eventually break from the pressure I put on it. I had already made a slightly longer and slightly wider T for it out of CroMo steel, but it was just as light as the aluminum original. Here’s the new bar, completed and installed: New bar, 352 grams: Old bar plus the seat strengthen plate (not needed with my design): So, 150 gram savings in weight by using CroMoly steel. And it is a... [read more]

Geared Hub troubles

I have several KH/Schlumpf geared unicycle hubs. They allow me to have two different speeds, and really have been a game changer for unicycling. One of my older hubs started to have bearing failure, causing it to rock back and forth in the wheel. This problem was fixed in later versions of the hubs, but I didn’t want to get another one and the hub is way out of warranty. But by chance I happened to have a set of good bearings (long story), so sometime last year I opened up the hub and replaced the bearings. No problem! I... [read more]

Adding a disc brake to an older KH24 mountain unicycle

I have an older KH 24 mountain unicycle that doesn’t have the disc brake mount on it. During my Switzerland/Italy tour in the summer of 2012 I used a D-brake adapter (from and KH spirit cranks to go with a disc brake on my KH36. Scott Wilton told me I could machine the back of a D-brake adapter to make it work with the KH/Schlumpf geared hub: He warned me that hard braking might bend it, so I was always paranoid to really grab the brake hard while on the tour. After the tour, I got a new KH36... [read more]

Down a really steep hill

Tom Holub took this great picture from last weekend: It was soo steep that I almost thought twice about doing it.

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