Unicycling Tesla Road Trip to Sedona Arizona


I still really enjoy mountain unicycling. We used to have an annual event in Moab called Moab Muni Fest, but the organizer decided to call it quits. People would do an informal one for a while, and this year someone threw out a new location: Sedona, Arizona! I went to college in Prescott Arizona for a few years, and did a trip or two to Sedona. I recall it being very beautiful, but it was so long ago that I don’t remember much. I have every Friday off from work (I work part time), and I decided to drive my Model S out there. My friend Ashley came along, and I met up with another friend Aaron who came back with me.

This was my first really long trip in the car. I think it is better to drive as fast as you can, which takes more energy, and then to charge a little longer. At up to about 110kW up to ~50% battery, the extra energy spent driving fast can easily be made up in a few minutes. 

Flagstaff charging station (my car is the red one):

 IMG 6157

It was the first time I took the car to less than 10% (9% at one stop), and I got used to it.  We had one scare when the GPS tracking went crazy and said the wrong percentage estimate for the destination.


I left Thursday after work, camped in Mojave national park (pitched the tent right off the road/freeway off a small dirt road), and left early Friday morning to make it to Friday’s ride.

Friday’s ride, at one of the arches (Devil’s Bridge); I made it to the top right when most people were going down. STRAVA ride details 

IMG 6161



Saturday’s ride, Broken Arrow Trail , doing some of the Hog’s wash (etc) trails. Not long, but lots of fun and tiring. Fun highlight was seeing a girl walking her cat!

IMG 6204


And, my favorite caption…”I’m the Tesla hobo”. I would eat by campfire at the stations while the car charged. It worked great and saved money on food. 

IMG 6239


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