Unicycle Handlebar Experiments


I’ve been doing some more experiments on my V-36 unicycle handlebar. The original version was just a basic T with bar ends. The T wasn’t too wide, but MUCH wider than stock handlebars (such as the KH T-bar or Unicycle.com’s variations).

I hadn’t ridden the V-36 much since I made it. I did a few longish rides (~27 miles, and then 20 miles a few days later), and my wrists were in a lot of pain. Mostly my right hand; which constitutes from the position I use when braking. I spent an hour or so welding up another prototype. I went with a MUCH wider T so I could install the brake lever on it:


I haven’t yet to do more than basic testing, but I already know it needs a slight back angle (like an upside down V).

I also did a more “traditional” design, instead of using bar ends. This will allow me to slip the brake over the 22mm handlebar and not have an adapter like I usually use. I didn’t end up finishing this one..and I want to make it so it rotates amongst the vertical post to control the angle.


Finally, for reference, my original handlebar (without bar ends):


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