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Post muni pizza

Hmmm pizza! We had a great time riding mr Toads. 3hrs and 15 min– quite fast! Chuck and kevin finished an x large pizza. Louise and I ate only half.

Chuck with 4 dinners

Chuck had a snack on the drive up.

Getting rid of the undo warning in Xcode after saving

One of the most annoying dialogs in Xcode is the undo warning dialog you get when attempting to undo after a save. I do this all the time, and I hate the warning. Luckily, there is a user default to turn it off: defaults write XCShowUndoPastSaveWarning NO

Tips for getting into unicycling and mountain unicycling

Do you want to just learn to unicycle, or do you want to eventually mountain unicycle (muni)? If your goal is simply to learn to unicycle, your best bet is to get a cheap starter unicycle. These can cost $40-$160, depending on how you get it and from where. If you want a new one, the easiest way is to buy one from . A good starter uni could be the Torker Unistar CX 20-inch for $86, or the slightly stronger Torker Unistar LX 20-inch. Torker also has 24″ models that you can easily find on — they... [read more]

Northstar muni this weekend!

We are going to go muni riding in northstar this weekend! The place has lifts so we can just ride downhill. Here’s the car with my first ever attempt of loading unicycles on the roof. Edit: I can spell…but writing some posts on the iPhone sometimes doesn’t work well…

Wake up and smell the cocoa

Your most important breakpoint in Cocoa

…..drumroll please…and it is…is: objc_exception_throw. You should always have this breakpoint setup in any Cocoa or Cocoa Touch app that you are building. How do you do it? In Xcode, Run -> Show -> Breakpoints and double click on a new breakpoint. Type it in, ie: Exceptions in cocoa are, well, exceptional. If your app is throwing them, then you should fix them.

Project Huchinson is alive again!

I’m back to working on my eternal house project. I finished the baseboards for the downstairs, so now it is time to tackle the upstairs. The upstairs is really rough. First off, there are these weird vents that don’t do anything. It was also surrounded in an ugly wood paneling box, which I already removed: The back bedroom has only one half of a triangle window. Plus, it doesn’t open. So, I ordered a matching window, and two smaller horizontal ones fore below it that can open and let in some air. Then there is the matter of the ugly... [read more]

Barack Obama on twitter

What’s even cooler is that he’s following me now: —– I’m sure it is an auto-added thing, but still, cool :) He’s got my vote!

Typical ride to eork

The typical ride to work with my 20″ uni:

WordPress for iphone

… Woot! Simple blogging from my iphone 3g. How about this lamp I saw last week? Louise said NO.

Xcode code completion and your code

How can you become a faster Cocoa programmer? One way is to adequately name your variables, enums and classes. Let’s start with enums and take an example from something new to NSTableView in Leopard. This is copied from NSTableView.h with the comments stripped out for clarity. enum { NSTableViewSelectionHighlightStyleRegular = 0, NSTableViewSelectionHighlightStyleSourceList = 1, }; typedef NSInteger NSTableViewSelectionHighlightStyle; – (NSTableViewSelectionHighlightStyle)selectionHighlightStyle; – (void)setSelectionHighlightStyle:(NSTableViewSelectionHighlightStyle)selectionHighlightStyle; There are several things to notice here, some of which are important to you. The most important thing (in my opinion) is the common prefix. Notice that the enum values fully contain the enum type name. Why? The... [read more]

Louise has a music concert tonight – Saragota – Divide Light

New blog layout

I updated my blog layout. I realize it doesn’t work that well in IE. In versions less than 7, it doesn’t support transparent png images, so the backgrounds probably look bad. In IE 7 it looks better, but there are still some problems. In particular, the top of the titles is cut off by the top border. The worst part is that there are no shadows on some of the titles; Safari supports cool text shadows. Originally, I had white text with shadows to make them stand out, but I had to move to darker text for compatibility with IE... [read more]

Unicycle paint jobs (2)

I picked up some sweet metallic red auto paint, and painted our unicycles. Here’s some final shots, and eventually I may write up a post on how it was done. Corbin’s KH 24 frame and wheel (to be built into a Schlumpf hub, when i get it back): Close up of the cool rim: My KH 20: Louise’s rim:

Project Hutchinson: baseboards

Baseboards are nearly done! Project hutchinson moves one step closer to being done. iPhone pics:

Americans favor offshore drilling – Jul. 30, 2008

What the heck! did these people just call Texans? [From Americans favor offshore drilling – Jul. 30, 2008]

“Ride the Lobster” Unicycle race — cover article

Howdy! I forgot to pick up a copy of this newspaper in Canada, but it was quite cool as I was on the cover (lower left) at the start of the last day. Click for a larger picture, or see the blow up below: Tha’s me, on the left! Sam is in the red/white in the middle, and Ken is on the right side in all black.


I asked Louise to marry me on our unicycle ride last friday, 7/4/08. we are engaged! The night before I rode up and spray painted over a bunch of graffiti and the painted the words on it. For those who want to know, “Dead Camper” is the name of one of the trails we ride off of santa cruz. corbin

Ride the Lobster Unicycle Race: It’s over!

Well, Louise and I had a great week riding our unicycles at a maddening pace throughout Nova Scotia. Final results are here: My team, Texacali, placed third overall! (out of 35 teams). I’m quite amazed as we didn’t set out to really be competitive. I was figuring it would be cool to be in the top 10, but to make it to third was just amazing. A big thanks goes out to my teammates, AJ and Kevin, and a huge thanks to our support person, Sondra, who we couldn’t have done it without. I also ended up getting second... [read more]

Ride the lobster unicycle race: Stage 1 done!

We finished the first 200km! It was pretty tough. Amazingly enough, my team, TexaCali, is in third place! We probably exerted too much energy today, but it was pretty fun. For a while at the start, I was even leading! It was a cool experience to be out in front of 35 other teams. The current top five teams: The German Speeders (insanely fast riders all on geared 36’ers), Team NZ (New Zealanders), who did an amazing pace mostly on ungeared unicycles, team TexaCali (one geared 36, one geared 29’er, one ungeared 36’er). Next was team Personal Roller Coaster —... [read more]

Ride the Lobster – Unicycle race in Canada next week

Next week my team (TexaCali) will be participating in the “Ride the Lobster” unicycle race in Nova Scotia, Canada. Check out the website: And visit the results page to see how we do:

The Canopy Cathedral « The Treehouse Guy

An amazing new Treehouse by Peter Nelson. [From The Canopy Cathedral « The Treehouse Guy]

WWDC 2008

WWDC 2008! Howdy to my fellow Cocoa Developers. Take a look at the conference schedule: and be sure to come to my talk! Tuesday at 10:30 AM, iPhone for Mac Developers. If you have *any* Cocoa questions, come to the Cocoa labs! I’ll be working the labs this week, so find me (or any of the other great apple engineers) and ask questions! Edit: if you go to: you can see a picture of me from last year — I have the Leopard print hair:

A few good pictures From the UCSC Arboretum, taken yesterday. An HDR shot of a bee; the image was generated from a single RAW exposure, mainly to increase some details that you couldn’t see with the original photograph. An HDR generated from three exposures, and my wide angle lens: A regular image, touched up in Aperture slightly, taken with the 70-200mm f/2.8 lens: An HDR from three exposures using the 70-200mm lens. The non-HDR looked pretty good, but the right side was slightly over exposed from the sun, and the background was pure black. The HDR combination fills out those areas, and prevents... [read more]

Corbin and Louise

We went camping last weekend in Colfax (yes, it rained!) We also did a little unicycling there, and hung out with Louise’s aunt and uncle (separately, and they are really not related, but are like aunts and uncles). Anyways, a good picture of us, with my new 70-200mm lens: The depth of field on the lens is amazing!

Corbin’s Trials Course – 30th birthday movie

Back on April 13th I turned 30! I did a little camera filming on my trials course. Click below to download the movie. QuickTime format, H.264 encoded, 2:41 seconds. 15.6 MB.

70-200mm canon lens

I got a nice new lens a few weeks ago. It takes GREAT pictures. Here’s some examples from a few days ago: Bottlenose brush in the front of our house. Cactus flower at the Santa Cruz house (dad’s house).

Fire in Santa Cruz Mountains I really hope it doesn’t burn down my dad’s house, and my old treehouse….. UPDATE: I went to the house this morning (Friday) and it is still there. The winds have calmed down quite a bit, and things aren’t so bad. The fire is 20% contained, but it is still a few miles from my dad’s house. The treehouse has a broken window now…strange. I’ll have to board it up the next time I’m out there.

Unicycle ride log, entry 17, May 22, 2008

Ride: Home to work. RTL training ride. Totally tired, and I forgot to get stats. Something like 12-13mph average over the 20 mile ride, and about 10 minutes longer than usual. i crashed riding to work due to being too tired! Plus, there was a major headwind that made it really hard to ride in. I then discovered that the Santa Cruz mountains were on fire, and rode home at 5pm with Shane and Curt (on bikes). I barely kept up, and we averaged 16.0mph on the 9.66 miles from work to Los Gatos. 37 minutes of riding time, and... [read more]

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