Unicycle ride log, entry 14, May 18, 2008

Logbook, Unicycling

Ride: Strawberry Fields Forever 2008 – Watsonville, Corralitos, and Santa Cruz.

Time: 7:15’ish to 3:30’ish

Riding Time: 5:13’08, moving time on cycle computer

Distance: 65.52 miles.

Average Speed: 12.5 mph

Max Speed: 25.3 mph

ODO: 910.8 miles

Notes: 150mm crank holes. Geared nimbus 36 with KH hub.

The mileage should have been 62.55 according to the map. My computer is 2.97 miles off according to it! According to the mileage, my cycle computer should read 2740, but I had 2862 as the value input into it. I guess it is finally time to do a roll out test. I rolled the wheel out (Nightrider tire, 34 psi) several times and consistently measured right around 2825. I used a marking on the tire, and the floor of my shop to ensure I went in a straight line and that the cranks were exactly parallel at the start and ending point (using a square and a level to verify). So, that alone tells me I have too high of a number. I repeated three more times with myself on the tire (130 – 135 pounds, depending on what I’m wearing and water weight). I consistently measured 2780. So, that’s the number I’m going with. It is slightly higher than what the ride should have been, but only by a slight amount. Given that a unicycle doesn’t ride in a line as straight as a bike, that makes sense. So, all my values up to (and including) this ride are 3% higher than what they should have been (2780/2862 is the ratio to convert). Ah, my 26 mph max was only 25.3 mph (rounding up). Still, over 25 is insane. What is sad is that my 13.3 averages turn out to be only 12.9 mph. I guess I have to work on being faster!


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