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Custom Bunny Cage

Here is a Picasa Album set of images for a new bunny cage I built a few weeks ago: (click on it to see the images): Custom Bunny Cage

Box # 5…

I finished box #5 a few days ago (for Stephanie). It turned out really nice! It is made of redwood with pine keys. This is the first thing I made with my new table saw (and using the old radial arm saw I have from my dad). View all the pictures.

new table saw!

I really needed to upgrade my table saw, and a few days ago I got my order in from a nice new grizzly 10“ table saw. I got this one:

Woodworking: Box #4

Well, I finished box 4 a few days ago. It is pretty nice! Some of the pictures are now on my pictures page: Corbin’s Pictures – Box #4. I used redwood; again it was from home depot, but I bought an S4S piece of wood that was pretty nice, although slightly bowed. It is a simple miter cut box, with a groove routed on the top piece to create a nice relief. The top was glued to the box, and I cut it off with the table saw. I think hinged it together after finishing the box. Back view: Open... [read more]

Woodworking: Box #3

Today, I finished box #3. It is a simple box, with a slight pyramid shape. The edges slant upwards at a 5 degree angle. It is made of redwood (home depot junk redwood!) that I resized to 1/2“ on my crappy table saw. The top fits on the base via a rabbet on underneath the lid. The finish is Danish oil. Check out the four pictures in my gallery: Corbin’s Pictures – Box #3

Boxes. Woodworking. Making things.

In today’s modern day and age, making things seems to be a lost art. In junior high, and high school, I took a few woodshop classes. I’ve always enjoyed woodworking, and making things with my hands, so I want to get back into it. I’ve been slowly trying to acquire woodworking tools. Box 01 I made the mistake of buying a cheap tablesaw ($100 on craigslist, but it had a $50 blade on it), and now I’m on the constant lookout for a good one. I refurbished my dad’s old radial arm saw, and I’m now using that to make... [read more]

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