Heart Bowl – Madrone with Bora Bora Blue


I’ve been working on making a few more heart bowls to have some inventory for sale on my website. This is one of the first ones!

This bowl is made from madrone wood. But not just any madrone — my old neighbor in the Santa Cruz mountains had a dying tree on her property and asked me if I wanted to cut it down. I said YES, and went over and cut it up with my chainsaw and Alaskan mill. It was the heat of summer, and some boring beetles immediately got into the wood and started eating it up. I managed to get some good bits out of the heart of the wood, and this is one of the things I made from it.

Available to purchase on Corbin’s Workshop: https://www.corbinsworkshop.com/shop/heart-bowl-madrone-with-bora-bora-blue/ for $200, including shipping.

Including shipping just means I pay for it, which seems to vary from $7-$15 depending on where it is sent to in the US.

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