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LED Cyr wheel v2: LEDs arrived

I got my LEDs today! I did some basic testing, and they seem okay. That’s awesome..I saved like half the cost of buying them from a US supplier. The new wheel is bent; I used... [read more]
Circus/Cyr Wheel

LED Cyr wheel: Tests

Here’s my planned wire diagram (it will probably change a bit) It may only make sense to me. I’m wonder if the LEDs that are furthest from the power source will be equally bright. This... [read more]
Circus/Cyr Wheel

Molex Micro Fit Connectors

I was going to use molex micro fix connectors; they can carry up to 5amps…but I think that isn’t enough, as the wheel could draw 10+ amps. So, I ordered some Molex Mini Jr connectors.... [read more]
Circus/Cyr Wheel

LED Cyr Wheel: power draw

In one of my last posts, I discussed power draw. In theory, 360 LEDs on each side of the wheel (720 total) might draw a ton of power (20+amps) based on the specification for the... [read more]
Circus/Cyr Wheel

LED Cyr wheel: battery

11.1v 1200mah Lipo battery compared to a 9.6v 1400mah NiMH 8-cell pack: And the rainbow pattern on my LEDs:
Circus/Cyr Wheel

Plug Bug: New front brake pads

I wear out brake pads faster than normal since I don’t have regenerative breaking or a normal “ICE” engine to slow me down. I replaced my first set of pads really quickly, but the second... [read more]
Electric Bug

Turnigy Accucell 6 Charger: do not buy!

I bought the Turnigy Accucell 6 charger to charge LiPO cells for my LED cyr wheel. It has already failed! I charged one cell with it, and started discharging it. The display went to all... [read more]
Circus/Cyr Wheel

LED Cyr wheel: More LED Notes

Teensy/Hardware control LEDs! I got my Teensy 3.1 board and started playing with the digital LED strips I got. I was having a heck of a time getting any sample code to work. I finally... [read more]
Circus/Cyr Wheel

LED Cyr wheel jig completed, and casting

I completed the jig, centered it on the wheel and then screwed the jig to the wooden sliders: I took the jig off, and cut out the center hole to be bigger than 1/2″ (I... [read more]
Circus/Cyr Wheel

LED Cyr Wheel: Jig for groove

First, I got my HH-66 Vinyl Cement mentioned in the adhesives post. I tested gluing a piece of wheel together, and it works somewhat..although it takes a long time to dry and doesn’t do any... [read more]
Circus/Cyr Wheel

Bathroom Remodel Done!

I finally completed all the trim and paint in my master bathroom remodel! It looks awesome! I am happy with every bit of it. Some of the final pictures below: Left side of the sink... [read more]
Project Hutchinson, Woodworking

Uploading Sketchup (skp) files into WordPress

So, I want to use Ecto (and probably other blog tools, like MarsEdit) to upload Sketchup .skp files, but it was always giving “invalid file type”. I poked around in WordPress, and here is what... [read more]

LED Roue Cyr – Jig to slot tubing

Here’s a sketch up design I did of a jig to cut a groove in the PVC tubing for the LEDs. A router will be attached in the center; it will (hopefully) be used to... [read more]
Circus/Cyr Wheel

LED Cyr Wheel v2 (Parts List – LED stuff)

Here is a running parts list of what I’m buying for my new LED Cyr Wheel v2: LEDs/Microprocessor: 10 – $3.20 – COM-08982 – Electrolytic Decoupling Capacitors – 1000uF/25V ($0.32 ea.) 2 – $39.90 –... [read more]
Circus/Cyr Wheel

Metal for Cyr Wheels

I just ordered some metal from a local place to make another cyr wheel / roue cyr; it used to be Metal Supermarkets but now is Guerrilla Metals. I ordered 2 20′ pieces of 1.5″... [read more]
Circus/Cyr Wheel

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