Molex Micro Fit Connectors

Circus/Cyr Wheel

I was going to use molex micro fix connectors; they can carry up to 5amps…but I think that isn’t enough, as the wheel could draw 10+ amps. So, I ordered some Molex Mini Jr connectors.

However, I used some of the micro fit connectors to test stuff, and I literally spent 3 hours trying to crimp the pins on! They just were not “clicking” into there plastic housing. I destroyed several pins, tried the male side, the female side, and even ground them down to see how they work.

I then looked at the molex diagram and realized what I was doing wrong. I had assumed the male looking pins went in the male connector…but it was reversed! The female pins (the ones with the hole in the pin) go in the male connector. Geez…so stupid of me. Worse, I spent $70 for a molex pin insertion tool and pin removal tool..and I totally don’t need those! Oh well.

I also bought a ratcheting crimper; it should make it a little easier to crimp than what i have today. I didn’t want to buy the $300 molex crimper, and have the $40 crimper — which works when you do it right — but instead, I found a $40 ratcheting crimper to make it a little easier. I probably didn’t need this either…but it is too late! $110 extra spent on tools for the LED cyr wheel project.


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