LED Cyr wheel: Tests

Circus/Cyr Wheel

Here’s my planned wire diagram (it will probably change a bit)


It may only make sense to me. I’m wonder if the LEDs that are furthest from the power source will be equally bright. This is for a 5 piece cyr wheel. Based on the diagram, it is now clear to me that the segment furthest from the battery will have its power inlet at most 2/5 of the circumference away. A 5v power ring will run throughout the wheel to power each section, with an on/off switch close to the battery.

My wheels have about a 34″ inner radius. The final tubing OD is 1.725″ with PVC. The center line for the LEDs will have a length of: (34 + 1.725/2)*2*3.14 = ~219″. Two fifths of that is: 87.6″ (roughly 7′ 4″).

Each LED segment will about 44″ long, and based on my 60LED/m strips that is: 67 LEDs (total 335 total per side, 670 on the entire wheel) (HMM> I think I want an even number per side…so maybe 66 per segment, 330 per side, 660 total per wheel).

I did some tests, and supplying current via an extension that is 7’4″ 22 gauge seems to keep it bright enough…hopefully 20 gauge will be okay, as that is the final size I may use (or drop to 18g if it isn’t)


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