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Uninam – more great pictures

Hien (Jason’s girlfriend) posted 80 of her top pictures from Vietnam on flickr. One of my favorite: The “boys” in their “suites”. Corbin, Nathan, Jason and Ken.

Uninam – Louise and my outfits

Here’s a great picture of us in Vietnam (from Irene): Red suits are cool! –corbin

Uninam Quy Nhon to Tuy Hoa – Day 8

Last day of riding! We did 70km today, and it was hot, but we had a few hills that broke up the flatness. Today was a great day of riding. The scenery was beautiful!! I had the video camera and got some great video that I hope to add to pile. Unfortunately, that means I didn’t have the DSLR for as long, but at some points I did take a few pictures. They start here. Jason riding through the fields. We saw lots of these rice fields everywhere: Don’t drink and drive with just flip flops on: Typical village barn:... [read more]

Uninam – Quan Nhai (or Quay Nhon) to ? – Day 7

I think I got the current city wrong; it is Quay Nhon and not Quan Nhai. After a great rest day we preceded to do 100km of riding. It was tough! The sun was blazing, and there was a lot of flat riding. But, Louise and I made it through (along with a bunch of the others). it was quite cool, as many of the people had not done a 100km, and it was their first. I brought the digi cam and took a few pictures. Pictures from today start here. The 100km was tough riding. There were some beautiful... [read more]

UniNam – rest day in Quang Nhai

Today was a relaxed day where we basically did nothing. Well, Ryan got hit by a motorbike, so he did do something (more on that story later!) I took a few pictures today and you can view them in the album starting here: Here’s some more detailed description of some of the things I saw today. This town is a beach town, and other than the beach is full of boats. While walking along the shore you will see lots of crabs scurrying around: There are lots of boats around, and people in small round wicker basket like boats... [read more]

Uninam – some more great pictures

Today is a rest day, so how about some more pictures? Here’s a few from Geoff: Kids going crazy: Me wheel walking: –corbin

Uninam – Hoi An to Quang Nhai – Day 5

Day 5 was more riding, but started out with a 45 minute boat ride down the river. We piled all the unicycles on top of the boat and enjoyed the serene settings as we floated down to the start of the ride. We rode about 55 km on some back roads that varied from pavement, to dirt, to gravel. Before the ride, Nathan and i put on some short 110mm cranks to make it a little easier and to spin a little faster. This was my first time every trying such short cranks, and I do like them, but I... [read more]

Uninam – Quang Nhai to Quy Ngon – Day 6

Day 6 started out early. We got up at about 5:50 am to get an early breakfast. Breakfast was not so great; the hotel food was sort of lack luster, and Louise had trouble finding anything that she really felt like eating (but, she is a rather picky eater). After breakfast we piled into two busses for a 100km / 2 hour drive to the start of the ride. We had to take the bust due to the tour only being 12 days. Normally Jason (from Grasshopper Adventures) makes the bike versions 14 or 15 days long. Since we are... [read more]

Uninam – Rest day in Hoi An – Day 4

Well! I’m a few days behind for blogging. Hoi An was an amazing town, and we were fortunate to have a full rest day to play around and enjoy the city. The city itself is a girl’s paradise. One almost every street there is a tailor shop where they will custom make any clothing that you want, overnight (or faster if you are leaving soon). Louise went crazy and got a bunch of pairs of pants made, and a dress shirt. Andy was set on getting a custom suit made for his wedding, and I had mentioned that I would... [read more]

Uninam – Top of the hill

Matthew Wagner, a fellow unicyclist from Arizona, took a great picture of me at the top of a hill on some military bunker thing: Check our his complete set of pictures at: Matthew Wagner’s pictures on flickr.

Uninam – a few more tastes of Hanoi

I found a few more interesting pictures from when we were in Hanoi. Wiring is a nightmare: Snake wine: Candy store: Pet shop:

Vietnam Unicycle Tour (Uninam) – Lang Co to Hoi An – Day 3

Day 3 is a nice 65-70 km day (it varies depending on who measured the distance, and my computer accidentally got reset). It was unfortunate to leave the beach town, but we did snap a few morning sunrise pictures. We get up at 6am to eat at 6:30 and start riding at 7:30 or so. the sunrise: The day started out with an excellent little 10km hill climb of 6-8%, that really wasn’t 6-8% grade. Today I brought the video camera, so we’ll look at a few pictures from yesterday. We got some great video shots. I’ll have to start... [read more]

Vietnam Unicycle Tour (Uninam) – Hue to Lang Co – Day 2

Day 2 is where the riding really starts. Today we did 80k worth of riding. I did some video at the start, and then switched to the DLSR after the battery ran out. We are riding 36″ diameter wheels, commonly called Coker’s due to the fact that the first company that produced them was the Coker Cycle company. Ironically, the only Coker part on my unicycle is now the tube. Everything else has been replaced, literally one piece at a time. A gaggle of “Cokers”. Don’s Herbie is on top. (the love buni). The riding is amazing! The flat ground... [read more]

Vietnam Unicycle Tour (Uninam) – Hanoi to Hue – Day 1

Tuesday morning started at 4am. We had to catch a 6am flight from Hanoi to Hue — it was either that, or take an evening flight (there are only two a day), which wouldn’t have worked out. Pictures for this section start on with this bonsai plant. Checking in for the flight started good with Irene giving out Uni bars that she had bought in a local supermarket. The flight was uneventful (although, our group of 26 unicyclists probably made the plane wait 10 minutes, as we were running a tad late). We all ate a wonderful breakfast, and there... [read more]

Vietnam Unicycle Tour – Ha Long Bay and Hanoi (pre tour)

Well, we all made it to Vietnam without much hassle! For those of you who just like pictures and don’t like reading, here’s the Picasa Web Albums link. I’ll upload new pictures to the same album throughout and post the starting picture. Not all pictures will be included in the blog posting. I arrived a few days earlier to let myself acclimate to the time change and take in a few sights. While in the airport, I was flipping through Andy’s Vietnam Lonely Planet book and discovered Ha Long Bay. It looked gorgeous! The best part was there was a... [read more]

Off to Vietnam today!

Uninam 08. Pictures, photos, picts, imgs, will be posted when I can. Maybe even video too! I got Louise the Canon HV20 HDV video cam for her birthday. We will be taking some videos and hopefully i can learn final cut pro while on vacation. The HV30 looks better than the HV20, but it is $300 more….

Unicycle Ride Log Entry 3 – March 04, 2008

Unicycle Ride Log Entry 3 – March 04, 2008 Ride: Apple to Stevens Creek Reservoir and Back 10’ish miles Date: March 04, 2008 Time: 12:10-1:00 (ish) Riding Time: 0:46’24 Distance: 10.62 miles Average Speed: 13.7 mph Max Speed: 20.9 mph ODO: 108.4 miles Notes: Difficult to maintain over 14 mph on average, especially with the slight hills in Cupertino. 125 mm cranks. New Nightrider Tire.

Unicycle Ride Log Entry 2 – March 2, 2008

Unicycle ride log, entry 2. Ride: Mark/Michelle’s house to Corralitos and back. Corbin, Louise, Nathan, Michelle, Rob. Date: Sunday, March 2nd, 2008 Time: 12:00 PM – 3:45 PM Riding Time: 2:56’09 Distance: 30.83 miles Average Speed:10.5 mph Max speed: 20.6 mph Route: Mark/Michelle’s house in Aptos. .. to .. to Corralitos Rd, to Browns Valley, changes into Hazel Dell, right onto Green Valley, right onto ?, past 4 corners market, down Varni Rd, left onto Corralitos Rd, right onto Freedom Blvd, left onto White rd, right onto ? rd, right onto ? rd. End at shel’s house. Training ride for... [read more]

Unicycle Ride Log Entry 1 – March 1, 2008

Unicycle ride log, entry 1. Ride: Skyline Blvd, 52 miles. Corbin, Louise, Nathan. Geoff on bike for a while. Date: Saturday, March 1st, 2008 Time: 8:15 AM – 3:30 PM Riding Time: (forgot to write it down) Distance: 52.4 miles Average Speed: 9.7 mph (riding) Max speed: 23 mph Route: Top of Hutchinson Rd and Summit Rd, left onto Bear Creek Rd, right onto Skyline/Highway 35, past Black Rd and continue on Skyline, past Castle Rock State Park, past highway 9, and down to La Honda Road (21 miles). Then back. Training ride for Vietnam.,+Los+Gatos,+CA+95033&geocode=&dirflg=&daddr=Skyline+Blvd+and+La+Honda+Rd&f=d&sll=37.14434,-121.99109&sspn=0.010297,0.015149&ie=UTF8&z=11

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