Uninam – Rest day in Hoi An – Day 4


Well! I’m a few days behind for blogging. Hoi An was an amazing town, and we were fortunate to have a full rest day to play around and enjoy the city. The city itself is a girl’s paradise. One almost every street there is a tailor shop where they will custom make any clothing that you want, overnight (or faster if you are leaving soon). Louise went crazy and got a bunch of pairs of pants made, and a dress shirt. Andy was set on getting a custom suit made for his wedding, and I had mentioned that I would possibly be interested in also getting one made. He made a joke about me getting it in red, and I really liked the idea and decided to get one. Andy has some of the pictures, so hopefully I can get them from him soon to post here. The suit is amazing, and they do a really good job. In the end, it cost $80, which is cheap for a custom made to order suit using material of my choosing. Louise also got a skirt made of the same material so we can go to parties and have matching clothing. Andy got his suit (including a dress shirt) and a pair of jeans copied from a favorite pair that they brought from home. Irene also got some matching jeans from an old favorite pair and a cute jacket. Jason got a nice casual jacket with a killer red lining. Hein got a bunch of cloths too. It was a lot of fun just thinking of the possibilities and the fact that they custom make everything for you.

Late last year Louise and I had discovered a cool light shop in downtown Santa Cruz called “Om Gallery”. They make a lot of oriental looking lights made out of fabric. We like them a lot, and bought a nice one for our dining room area and den area of the house, but they were rather expensive. We also knew that they get their lights made in Vietnam, so I expected to see light shops in town and we were not disappointed. We bought a few more lights for our bedside tables. We have yet to figure out how to get them home, and we will probably end up buying some more luggage in Siagon.

Another great thing about Hoi An is that Hein (Jason H.’s girlfriend) has family in the town. So, we went for an excellent family-style dinner at her family’s restaurant, and it was killer! They treated us really well, and the Vietnamese are very hospitable.

Louise trying on her pants

Irene, Louise and Andy in the shop:

The market:

The fish:

Dried squid

Me and Louise:

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