Uninam – Quan Nhai (or Quay Nhon) to ? – Day 7


I think I got the current city wrong; it is Quay Nhon and not Quan Nhai.

After a great rest day we preceded to do 100km of riding. It was tough! The sun was blazing, and there was a lot of flat riding. But, Louise and I made it through (along with a bunch of the others). it was quite cool, as many of the people had not done a 100km, and it was their first. I brought the digi cam and took a few pictures. Pictures from today start here.

The 100km was tough riding. There were some beautiful boulders that we passed, and some cool stuff that I wish I could climb. Apparently there is a lot of granite in Vietnam! (more on that later..). We also went by some more coastal scenery.

The following is another HDR image that I generated. Unfortunately, I forgot to reset the ISO speed and left it on 400. This produces a grainy image when viewed at full resolution. I actually uploaded the full size image to the site, so click on the following image and hit the magnifying “plus” in the top right hand corner of the image to see what I mean:

But, even non HDR images look pretty good:

Nathan riding:

One of the coolest things we saw was at lunch. Well, it was cool, and unfortunately a bit sad. The lunch place has a pet monkey that they keep chained to coconut tree. It is quite sad, as the monkey can only move a few feet on its *very* short 3′ chain. It is also very vicious, which is probably due to it being in such confined captivity for so long.

Yet another bay picture:

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