Vietnam Unicycle Tour (Uninam) – Lang Co to Hoi An – Day 3


Day 3 is a nice 65-70 km day (it varies depending on who measured the distance, and my computer accidentally got reset). It was unfortunate to leave the beach town, but we did snap a few morning sunrise pictures. We get up at 6am to eat at 6:30 and start riding at 7:30 or so.

the sunrise:

The day started out with an excellent little 10km hill climb of 6-8%, that really wasn’t 6-8% grade. Today I brought the video camera, so we’ll look at a few pictures from yesterday. We got some great video shots. I’ll have to start lugging both the video camera and the DSLR along with me.

A picture of my uni (from yesterday):

The top of the hill we were greeted by a lot of high pressure locals. They pretend to be your friend in an effort to sell stuff to you. They came up to me and Louise and said “You on honeymoon? you small, just like Vietnamese!”. Heck, they even said that same line to Rob, who is literally 1-2 feet taller than them! (Of course, they didn’t say “you on honeymoon” to him).

The ride today was a bit tougher than yesterday as we were already “saddle sore”. I get some chaffing between my legs where my leg rubs against the seat, and it is not all that fun. It is worse for girls.
In the end, the day was pretty nice; a bit hotter, as the previous days had a lot overcast, and today was really hot with full sun for a lot of the time.
Tomorrow is a rest day, but Hoi An is a cool city. Louise and I spent some money on some cool things…we’ll see how they turn out tomorrow at 2pm! More details later…..


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Aaron (FlyByTire)

Thanks for the pics and descriptions! It sounds like a lot of fun. Hmmm…. wonder what is coming up at 2pm tomorrow…

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