Uninam – Hoi An to Quang Nhai – Day 5


Day 5 was more riding, but started out with a 45 minute boat ride down the river. We piled all the unicycles on top of the boat and enjoyed the serene settings as we floated down to the start of the ride. We rode about 55 km on some back roads that varied from pavement, to dirt, to gravel. Before the ride, Nathan and i put on some short 110mm cranks to make it a little easier and to spin a little faster. This was my first time every trying such short cranks, and I do like them, but I think they work different muscles. I didn’t bring the DSLR and instead brought the camcorder again.

At the end of the ride we hopped on the bus and drove for a while to the hotel. I wasn’t feeling super great; I got sunburned and it was starting to affect me. I felt really tired and worn down, even though we didn’t have that long of a riding day.

The hotel was a “four star” hotel, but that was really a joke. Nathan said they probably went to “getastar.com” and purchased them. The rooms smelt moldy, and the A/C had no way to turn it off or change the temperature. Andy’s room didn’t have a shower curtain, and our “double” was supposed to have one bed but instead had two. Hein saw a gecko in her room cruising around on the walls.

I put up with eating a little food for dinner, but I also discovered that my digestive track wasn’t feeling well either. I probably wasn’t being as careful as I should have been with touching my fingers to my mouth, and that may have caused my stomach problems. I decided to take it easy and go to bed early and play around with the video for a little bit. I really need to figure out Final Cut Pro, as it is difficult to import video into it from the HV20. It seems to have trouble finding the right timecodes; especially right at the start.

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