Vietnam Unicycle Tour (Uninam) – Hanoi to Hue – Day 1


Tuesday morning started at 4am. We had to catch a 6am flight from Hanoi to Hue — it was either that, or take an evening flight (there are only two a day), which wouldn’t have worked out.

Pictures for this section start on with this bonsai plant.

Checking in for the flight started good with Irene giving out Uni bars that she had bought in a local supermarket. The flight was uneventful (although, our group of 26 unicyclists probably made the plane wait 10 minutes, as we were running a tad late). We all ate a wonderful breakfast, and there was a cool assortment of bonsai plants on the balcony of the five story building:

After breakfast, everyone started putting their unicycles together for a 15-20k tour of Hue. The tour was amazing, but involved a lot of walking. Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures, but instead brought the video camera. Hopefully I will put together a great little Uninam film.

Here’s another picture of a fisherman from Ha Long Bay, since I don’t have any from today’s ride around town (other do, and I’ll post them later).

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