Uninam – Quang Nhai to Quy Ngon – Day 6


Day 6 started out early. We got up at about 5:50 am to get an early breakfast. Breakfast was not so great; the hotel food was sort of lack luster, and Louise had trouble finding anything that she really felt like eating (but, she is a rather picky eater). After breakfast we piled into two busses for a 100km / 2 hour drive to the start of the ride. We had to take the bust due to the tour only being 12 days. Normally Jason (from Grasshopper Adventures) makes the bike versions 14 or 15 days long. Since we are skipping a few days (to allow for travel time), we had to cut out some of the riding and drop in a bus ride. Right when I was getting on the bus I discovered that I lost my sunglasses, which sort of disappointed me as Louise bought them for me and I really liked them. At least I had brought a spare pair along, but they are pretty crappy and falling apart. I hate losing sunglasses!

I brought the DSLR today instead of the video camera. Here are some pictures of the ride, which was quite enjoyable.

Chickens on the side of the road. Other things we see on the side of the road: rice drying, peanuts drying, peppers drying, some roots drying, and hay drying.

Don’t fall in!

Me riding in the patties.

Rob’s uni

Rob riding down a scenic area


nathan walking up the “hill” (aka: speed bump)

Christoph saying “take my picture up there!”



Christof (ph?)

tom b:

me wheel walking

The bay

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