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“No Dino” stickers

Got em! On my J1772 inlet “gas tank” cover. corbin

Cyr Wheel Skinning: Not all tubing is the same!

I’ve ordered a few different types of skin for my cyr wheels. On one wheel, it has pieces from two different batches and kinds.This has shown me that one is much better! Both are 1.5″ x 1 7/8″ PVC tubing. This one, Canada K091008 wears much faster: This one, K120816 wears MUCH slower, and will last a lot longer: Both I got from I’m not sure which is which!! Darn it. Here’s the two I bought..and the site doesn’t have these numbers on it: PVC Cyr wheel Tubing – Kuri Tec® K050 Series All Purpose Non-Reinforced Clear Vinyl Tubing... [read more]

Photography: V36 at Tunnel View

V36 at Tunnel View 12-25-2013

Photography: Upper Yosemite Falls Hike

Upper Yosemite Falls Hike 12-25-2013

LED Cyr Wheel v1 Problems

Some of the problems with my original LED cyr wheel: 1. LEDs are dying, from me stepping on them. I took one of the bad sections apart, and it seems to be because some solder connections break (such as for the resistor). I can solder them back together, but it is not worth the time to reskin/glue it. I need to figure out a better way to protect them. Here you can see a resistor that fell off when I removed the protective skin. I think some hard epoxy on plain bare LED strips might “cement” them in place really... [read more]

Photography: Half Dome at Night

Half Dome at Night 12-25-2013. About 10 minute exposure. I was freezing cold that night; it was about 28F.

LED Notes / LED Cyr Wheel v2

I’m investigating LEDs for another LED cyr wheel (v2). Here is my first LED Cyr wheel and a video. I figure I’ll just make my notes on my blog for others to benefit. Goals: Individually addressable LEDs, so I can do cool patterns At least as many LEDs as my first wheel, but possibly twice as many (a strip on each side), which was my original plan Built in battery charger and batteries (Lithium ion) Easy to access way of reprogramming (i.e.: USB port) Extras: Accelerometer for basing patterns on speed Live touch strips, for dynamically changing the LEDs while... [read more]

Sunset from El Capitan, Yosemite

Sunset from El Capitan, Yosemite 12-25-2013. 5 exposures taken with the Canon 5D.


I’m investigating adhesives, and ways I can bond the plastic PVC tubing on cyr wheels back together. I want to cut the plastic tubing, and embed LEDs under it for some cool effects. For my first LED cyr wheel, I used high temp hot glue gun glue; that worked “okay”, but it is fairly easy to pull apart. I also need a better way of protecting the LEDs, as some are dying. First I’m going to try RH Products “HH-66 vinyl cement“, which is easy to find from numerous resellers (including ebay). The website for it says it will bond... [read more]

Oil pan fixed on my Harley

I have an old Harley, and it has leaked oil for quite a while. I finally decided to do some maintenance on the old bike and took off the oil pan and stripped the paint off. The tank had a leak on the left tab; the tab was welded on, but vibrations created a hairline crack on it. I filled it up with brass brazing rods and also repaired a crack in the bottom center mount. Then painted it powder coat red and put it back together. I also added some new rear shocks, changed the oil, new oil filter,... [read more]

No Fossil Fuels Sticker

I finally cleaned up my “no fossil fuels” sticker for EVs! I just ordered a few stickers (8) from StickerYou — — the place has a decent website, but they have a terrible security flaw of emailing you your signup password back in plain text! That is just a huge security “no no” and I can’t believe companies do this. The order page also failed for me like 5 times; I had to finally use paypal to get it to work (which also took three tries!). We’ll see what the quality of the stickers looks like; unfortunately, they only... [read more]

Bathroom almost done!

Shower door installed (I paid someone to measure and install it…it was much easier than me doing it myself): Cabinet doors and hardware installed. Waiting for the counter top to be fabricated…

Geared Hub troubles

I have several KH/Schlumpf geared unicycle hubs. They allow me to have two different speeds, and really have been a game changer for unicycling. One of my older hubs started to have bearing failure, causing it to rock back and forth in the wheel. This problem was fixed in later versions of the hubs, but I didn’t want to get another one and the hub is way out of warranty. But by chance I happened to have a set of good bearings (long story), so sometime last year I opened up the hub and replaced the bearings. No problem! I... [read more]

Adding a disc brake to an older KH24 mountain unicycle

I have an older KH 24 mountain unicycle that doesn’t have the disc brake mount on it. During my Switzerland/Italy tour in the summer of 2012 I used a D-brake adapter (from and KH spirit cranks to go with a disc brake on my KH36. Scott Wilton told me I could machine the back of a D-brake adapter to make it work with the KH/Schlumpf geared hub: He warned me that hard braking might bend it, so I was always paranoid to really grab the brake hard while on the tour. After the tour, I got a new KH36... [read more]

Bathroom remodel: Shower tile

I’ve been rather slow to update my blog. It is mainly for myself to remember what I did. After I finished the shower pan, I painted this red waterproofing membrane on the areas that might be exposed to leaking; in particular, it was required for the two niches I made, and also the window sill. I had extra, so I painted it around: After that was done, I started tiling the wall! This was my first tile job *ever* and it wasn’t easy getting the hang of it. My neighbor Mark loaned me his tile saw, which helped greatly in... [read more]

Making the LED Cyr Wheel / Roue Cyr – version 1

Here are my rough notes about making my LED cyr wheel (version 1). A Video can be seen here. Edit: 12/28/2013: Here are some problems I am having with this  LED Cyr Wheel v1 I used a new technique for bending wheels; this time, I used a cheap Harbor Freight rolling bender with modifications from the 4×4 Forums that provide “weld on” wings, and the ability to make it motorized with a Harbor Freight pipe threading machine. I couldn’t roll the complete circle with it attached to my stand below: (the picture shows it fully rolled, but it was AFTER... [read more]

Bathroom remodel: stain/finished

I’ve had this done a while…but here are some pictures of the bathroom cabinets and vanity. This is mainly for me to remember and look back on my blog and see what I did to the house over the years. Drawers installed, but the faces aren’t mounted yet: Here is the installed plumbing for dual showers (one on each side). Here’s the left side; the plumbing runs to the upstairs bathroom: Right side: I then built a shower pan according to a tile book I have (and the internet). I sort of took what I thought was the best/easiest approach.... [read more]

LED Cyr Wheel / Roue Cyr videos

Here are some videos of the LED Cyr wheel at Burning Man 2013 Spencer also put together a compilation of it here (with a Fire Cyr wheel and LED Unicycle!):

Bathroom remodel: tile rendering

Playing with tile options (ordered!) and still working on the bathroom remodel project. Cabinets have the finish applied, and I’m doing drywall work. Then plumbing…then tile.

Bug Down again.. and don’t use Fortes Brothers Towing in Cupertino!

First off, don’t use Fortes Brothers Towing in Cupertino! They are terrible, and don’t know what they are doing. AAA called them to tow my bug home from work (in Cupertino), and the guy had it almost setup and just said my car was too low and they don’t do lowered cars! I’ve had the car towed 3 or 4 times before; never have I had any trouble at all. Worst off, the idiot driver drove away with my laptop and at first they refused to acknowledge they had it! AAA said all I could do was file a police... [read more]

LED Cyr Wheel Pictures

Here are a few pictures of my LED cyr wheel. I setup my Canon 5D on a tripod and my dad hit the shutter button (via a remote). In general, about 0.4s exposure, f2.8, iso1250.

LED Cyr Wheel

I made an LED cyr wheel! Details coming soon. I brought it to burning man 2013 and camped with my “Circus Boot Camp” friends. Ray took this picture:

Tree Climbing

Bathroom electrical

I tore out the rest of the drywall, and removed the old bath tub. I then started redoing the electrical in prep for the new cabinet. The electrical switches were on the wrong side; they should always be on the opposite side of the door hinges, so they are easy to get to when you open the door. The prior owner seemed to like to always put them on the left, which makes them really difficult to use. I wish I would have realized this before I drywalled my main entrance; otherwise I would have moved the switches. At least... [read more]

Bathroom remodel: drawers finished

I finished my drawers; sprayed 4 coats of Target Coatings Water based lacquer on them. (EmTech 6000). It took a whole gallon to do them all..and ran out right at the end. These are mainly notes for myself, as I wish I had made notes when I did my last set of drawers. I would first spray the bottoms on edge, like below: Then drop them into the normal position after they dried and do the rest. I put on two coats, then sanded with 220 to get any bumps off. The bottoms of the smaller drawers got a little... [read more]

Bathroom remodel: moving the water ins and outs

The bathroom remodel is a slow project when I do everything myself. Today I worked on finishing my drawers while also moving the plumbing for my sink. It’s hard to tell, but I cut out the 2″ ABS pipe drain on the left and moved it to the right. This mostly involved messing with stuff under the house. Tomorrow I’m going to learn how to to sold copper soldering and move the water inlets (seen on the left).

Bathroom Cabinets: Floating design

I want my bathroom cabinets to “float”. The top one floats 2″ in the air on top of the bottom cabinet, and the bottom cabinet floats 3″ in the air off the ground. The right hand side can be screwed into the wall, but the left side needs support. I welded up this bracket; it is bolted to the bottom and bolted to the pair of studs. It is quite sturdy! The top slips on; for testing to get the position right, I clamped the bracket to the walls, and used a brace on the right side: It is plenty... [read more]

Bathroom cabinets; drawer faces and doors

Still working on stuff. Playing with stains; left side is 1/2 cherry ply, right is cherry wood. Bottom has a maple gel stain, top has pennsylvania cherry gel stain. Cutting all the face pieces to 1 5/8″: 1/2″ wide groove in the center of the 3/4″ piece of wood: I then put a 45 on the inside, and a V groove with the router table 1/2″ from the outside: I tanned the boards outside for about ~5-10 minutes to get them a little brown before gluing up. The inside cherry ply is still a little pinker. It was tricky gluing... [read more]

Bathroom cabinets – building drawers

My woodworking project continues! I planed a bunch of maple to 5/8″ thick my drawer thickness. I went with 5/8″ instead of 3/4″, since my top drawers should appear more “dainty” as they are small. I should have done 3/4″ for my larger bottom drawers, but it is too late for that decision. I used my Leigh dovetail jig to cut the dovetails: Since these drawers are small, I used 1/4″ maple ply (with a MDF core) for the bottom. My larger drawers will have 1/2″ ply bottoms. The larger drawers I had to biscuit joint smaller pieces of wood... [read more]

Good Times!

A local weekly newspaper in Santa Cruz, The Good Times, did an awesome article on my VW bug and myself. Check it out here: The Plug Bug and Corbin Dunn.

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