Master Bathroom Remodel: Drawers Finished

Project Hutchinson

I finished my drawers; sprayed 4 coats of Target Coatings Water based lacquer on them. (EmTech 6000). It took a whole gallon to do them all..and ran out right at the end.

These are mainly notes for myself, as I wish I had made notes when I did my last set of drawers. I would first spray the bottoms on edge, like below:


Then drop them into the normal position after they dried and do the rest. I put on two coats, then sanded with 220 to get any bumps off. The bottoms of the smaller drawers got a little too thick on the bottom sideā€¦and it is slightly more yellow than I wanted, but still good enough. Four coats seems adequate; more would have too much buildup.


My Mini-mate HVLP pump/compressor.


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