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Circus Work

I recently met up with Gregangelo from Velocity Circus! I’m going to be doing some circus work with him, which is super-exciting. Gregangelo has some of the most awesome costumes. Here’s when I was a jelly fish in monterey (I’m in blue, Elliot is in purple, and Tera is in orange). I look a little fruity but it was a lot of fun! Pictures Courtesy of Gregangelo & Velocity Circus Elliot did some awesome makeup for me:

Bathroom Cabinets – bottom piece

Tongue and groove practice; I have a height matched set. Note to self: Put the little rubber grommet inside the chuck. Place it on my table, and push the cutter into it until it bottoms out against the grommet. Then I can mount it in the router and it is always at the same height. Cut it with the “good face” down. Have the height set so there is a larger area on the bottom (slightly of, as seen here in the picture): Here’s a trick I came up with for cutting a straight edge on plywood. The two sides... [read more]

Bathroom Cabinets

Well, my bathroom remodel is coming along bit by bit. I got a new cabinet saw to help with things. I went with the Saw Stop brand saw, which cost a ton, but will potentially save a finger if I accidentally touch the blade. Most all my wood I purchased from Aura Hardwoods in San Jose. They have pretty decent prices, and a friendly staff. Although you sometimes have to ask for the good wood in the back. I was rifling through a bunch of pretty poor looking cherry plywood sheets trying to find a good one when a guy... [read more]

Sunset from Dad’s house

Sunset From Dad’s House Lahaina, Maui, Hawaii (where I’m originally from) April 15th, 2013

Cyr Wheel – Photo of Corbin

Corbin Dunn in the Cyr Wheel — Photo by Cliff Warner

What is Erotic? 2013 Performance

Corbin Dunn – Roue Cyr for What is Erotic?

Bathroom Remodel

I have been working on a new design for my master bathroom for quite some time. I finished in Sketchup recently: I’m going to be doing a “floating” design where the cabinets are supported by steel that goes into the wall. I hope it works out the way I think it will! The above is a rendering from sketch up. Below are a few of the raw SketchUp screen shots: After I did the design, I used a Plugin called “Cut List” to get a rough estimate of how much wood I will need. I went by Aura Hardwoods yesterday... [read more]

Top Search Terms for my Blog

Lots of people search for treehouse, followed by cyr wheel / roue cyr! People are in particular interested in making these things themselves.

Down a really steep hill

Tom Holub took this great picture from last weekend: It was soo steep that I almost thought twice about doing it.

Broken EVSE (charging station)

I was charging my car last week at home and started to smell some burning plastic. It was coming from my EVSE (the “charging station” which is a gloried relay with a few electronic smarts). Popping it open revealed that my plug attachment was shorting out a bit: I now realize what happened; I had did the stupidest thing last summer and drove away with my car plugged in at home. I had shut the front trunk, and failed to unplug the car in some bit of absent mindedness. The cord got really taught as I was backing up and... [read more]

EV Page of Shame: Post 1

Welcome to the EV Page of Shame! The first victim. This little lovely neighborhood EV was parked in the decided EV spots in the downtown Santa Cruz parking garage. But it was not charging! Shame on you. All the other spots were taken, and people could not charge because you took this spot! Please be courteous. (I would have left a note but I had no paper).

Restained deck

Still working on “Project Hutchinson”. Last saturday I put a coat of stain back on the deck to freshen it up. I’m working on designing a new master bathroom. I’m hoping to get working on it soon!

Corbin V36 + Motorcycle

Did a little motorcycle ride up to Folsom (past Sacramento, about 2.5 hours from my house), and rode my unicycle with a bunch of friends.

Corbin V36 – Painted

The frame, painted: All together, but with the seat angle too high:

Pinky the Cyr Wheel downtown Santa Cruz

A few cyr wheel pictures of me street performing downtown to help promote the show I did. From flicker.

Do Rights

Roue Cyr (Mock Studio Shots)

I setup a “mock studio” in my bedroom by hanging a sheet on the wall and took a few pictures with my Canon 5D setup on a timer. Me and the roue cyr. Self portraits.

Roue Cyr performance coming up – WIE

I’ll be performing Roue Cyr pretty soon! A total of 8 shows over two weekends at the 418 Project in downtown Santa Cruz, California. The show is a fundraiser for the dance studio called “What is Erotic”. I’m doing a piece where I’m Tarzan in the jungle taming a wild wheel. Come check it out, and buy tickets! Ken Adelman and Portia did the photo above for their flyer. My head is under the “is”.

Coffee Cup Stirling Engine

Over winter break I started on a project I’ve been wanting to do for a long time. A coffee cup stirling engine, made from scratch based on plans from Jan Ridders. It “almost works”. The bearings seem to be too big, and the shaft has a lot of slop. I had machined the shaft to the side I thought the bearings were going to be (3mm), but they are larger! I need to remake that part and see if it works. Some work in progress shots. Power piston (graphite), cylinder (brass), crank shaft (steel), flywheel (alum), stand (alum in brass).... [read more]

Corbin V-36 mod 2

I finally got some more metal and time to work on my V36 unicycle frame. I removed a triangle support that I had added to try to reduce flex, and brazed on another tube that goes up to the seat post tube. Here is the tube taped on before I brazed it: And after: This totally added the strength I needed to prevent flex from side to side. In the above picture you can see the disc brake mount I “fabricated” from a piece of steel. I stuck it on the brake, and takes it on with the MIG welder... [read more]

Corbin V-36

I’m working on a V-Frame 36’er unicycle, called the “Corbin V-36“. It’s partially an experiment to see how light I can make it, yet still be strong and not flex. I did a 3d model in Sketchup, and printed it full size. I then machined a jig to hold things in place. Here’s a video explaining the jig: And some pictures. The jig setup for my my main seat post tube: Experimenting with bending: I’m using cro-moly tubing, 1/2″ OD by .049 wall thickness. It is too small of tubing, and the frame flexes when going up hills. I’m going... [read more]

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