Broken EVSE (charging station)

Electric Bug

I was charging my car last week at home and started to smell some burning plastic. It was coming from my EVSE (the “charging station” which is a gloried relay with a few electronic smarts).

Popping it open revealed that my plug attachment was shorting out a bit:


I now realize what happened; I had did the stupidest thing last summer and drove away with my car plugged in at home. I had shut the front trunk, and failed to unplug the car in some bit of absent mindedness. The cord got really taught as I was backing up and made a noise that alerted me to stop. It broke the J1772 inlet on my car, which I glued back together.I took a look at the EVSE and it seemed okay, but now I realized I had pulled the power cords out just enough to allow them to still work, but have high resistance.

I just hardwired them directly to the input wires with some electrical twisties.


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