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Cartwheels in the Cyr Wheel

Just working on learning. Progressing slowly, but getting a bit better because I have a few days off!

Driveway Sign: Monkey Playground

I playfully call my house the “Monkey Playground”. Why? Why not! Well, okay, I’m sort of monkey like since I like climbing around on lots of things. A little known fact about me: my 2004 Subaru Impreza WRX STi had a sticker on the side that said “Monkey *” (that last symbol was a star, not an asterisk). I thought it was funny — sort of like an aviator call sign for the pilot. The new sign, freshly painted: This is my first stencil. Here’s how I made it: * Find an image on the internet to make a stencil... [read more]

New pull up bar

Using the plasma cutter to make stuff… I wanted a new pull-up bar for my house. The old one looked tacky…but how can anything be tacky around your own house if you put it there? Here’s some shapes cut out of metal: Pieces setup for welding: Ugly pullup bar removed: Hanging on the wheel (as seen through the eyes of a lyra. And in this picture you can see how the top right of the lyra wasn’t quite as circular as I wanted…)

Plug In America

A few iPhone pictures of my car at Plug In America’s party from a few months ago. Hanging out in SF: Parked inside the winery on Treasure Island:


Hugalopes! These things are awesome! They are basically plush lego toys that you can wear on your head as a hat. And, when you get tired of how it looks, change it up with some new accessories! I met one of the creators, Jazz, and I was instantly interested in getting a few for myself. He is kick starting the company, and needs help. Please help them out by pledging something, and in return you can get one of the first batches of the fuzzy little friends.

Still trying to learn the cyr

I still have trouble with basic spinning/waltzing. I’m not really sure what I’m doing wrong. I’ll need to post up some videos of me failing and ask for advice on the internets. Here’s me doing one footed for a bit:

Photography: Pat and Paige

Pat and Paige Dec 2nd, 2011. The 418 Project. Santa Cruz, California.

Photography: Girls and Cube

Girls and Cube Dec 2nd, 2011. Circus Artists: Paige and Kelly. The 418 Project. Santa Cruz, California.

Photography: Niss Again

Niss Again Dec 2nd, 2011. Niss.

Photography: Paige Handstand

Paige Handstand at the Love Potion Circus Show Dec 2nd, 2011. Paige.

Photography: Niss

Niss Juggling at the Love Potion Circus Show Dec 2nd, 2011. Niss.

Photography: Love Potion 2

Love Potion Circus Show – Cube Act Dec 2nd, 2011. Paige and Kelly.

Photography: Love Potion

Love Potion Circus Show Dec 2nd, 2011. Paige and Kelly.

Cube Hanger

I needed somewhere better t hang my cube when I wasn’t using it. So, I made a cube hanger! I used the plasma cutter to cut some pieces of 3/16’ish steel plate (from the scrap yard): Cut out: I TIG welded on some 1.5″ pipe at a 45 angle: Cleaned it up, and powder coated it flat black: Bolted it to my beam (it is super strong!): And hang the cube! It is a little close to the wall, but out of the way. It is kind of fun to sit in it, so I’ll probably whip up another one... [read more]


Lyra that I made. Cromoly steel, 1″ x (I forget the tubing thickness and should measure it for reference). I bent it with my hossfeld bender; the top turned out a little flat, darn it! I’m still getting the hang of using the bender.   


So, that ad on the right side of my website…how much does it get me? Well, not much. In the years I’ve been running it, I’ve received one check for $100 (hey, that’s better than nothing!). I earn about $.02 a day. Here’s a screen shot from adsense: In other words, don’t quit my day job. Wait, I really like my day job, so I wouldn’t quit it even if the blog was pulling in millions!

Roue Cyr Practice

I’m still working on learning the cyr wheel. I haven’t spent quite enough time to really get the hang of it, but I’m starting to get a better feel for the basic “spin”. Here’s a video from yesterday: The best part is when I whack the edges of my carport!

New blog layout

I got tired of the old layout. It was a few years old: The new version has a graphic on top and a lighter gray themed layout:

Photography: Lost a Wheel?

Lost a Wheel? November, 2011. Oh where was this? Uni-something-town, Washington


This is a late post…but oh well! Well, late last winter I got a new fireplace. I did a design in sketch up and rendered it to get a good idea of what it would look like. It easily let me try out various materials and get a feel for it: I decided I didn’t like the red on the inside walls, so when I repainted it I went all white (and it looks much better!). Here’s the old fireplace, which just looked horrendous: I took it out with the help of beer and Aaron for some heavy lifting. I... [read more]

Metal Coat Rack

What a better use for an old VW brake drum? A few in progress shots: Initial sketch and idea:

Plasma Cutter

I got a new tool a few weeks ago. A plasma cutter! After doing some research, I went with a Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 52. It is awesome! I also had to get a new air compressor to keep up with it. I went with a Husky one from Home Depot; it has a three year warranty, whereas most other ones of the same size have a 1 year warranty. Plus, there were lots of good reviews on

Plug Bug: Mileage and Range

So, how far can it go? Today I drove home from a Plug In America gala event in San Francisco. I maintained 55 mph on highway 101 and 85 — relatively flat highways. This is the path: The car was at 57% State Of Charge (SOC), meaning it consumed 43% of the battery (depth of discharge – or DOD). That was a 55 mile trip. So, in theory, that is a 127 mile range to 0% SOC! EDIT: I originally thought it was 60 miles, because that is what the iPhone GPS said…but looking at google maps at the point... [read more]

Bug update: Wheel bearings!

The bug has about 8700 miles so far. I had to change the front right wheel bearing about 1000 miles ago. It started getting loose and making a lot of noise. When I took the bearing off, it was clear that it was trashed. There was lots of dirty grease inside it too. I think the brake dust contaminated it, along with the excessive heat from using the brakes so much (without any engine braking). At about 8600 miles I also changed the front brake pads. The front pads were nearly gone. Yeah, that’s not a lot of miles! I... [read more]

Unicycle Tour of San Francisco: John Foss

John Foss San Francisco, California. September 2011.

old poetry (part 3)

I’m not sure when I wrote this. Yes, I do make up words! ———————————————————————— wandering through a vast void of black, a small light appears to bring me back, turns from night to dawn to day, with the air clear and around to stay, then thick like clouds it becomes, and wet like water it runs, making all turn to green, bringing life to those seen, happiness to mark the path, until a query it you havith, but the answer presents to you, for it is, my love for you.

Recumbent at Burning Man

Rob Bowman got a cool picture of me on the recumbent unicycle. Thanks Rob!

old poetry (again)

Hey, this one even rhymed! 2/14/2004 Words come so softly from her lips, And fall upon my open ears, Captivating my curiosity while tranquilizing my fears. Sparkling blue eyes she uses to gaze, And see no task to colossal or vast, For a look into, makes me forget the past. Her ams could define a million words, While also creating the meaning of embrace, As I will for them, to wrap me like a lace. Her silky smooth skin is to ogle with desire, One wants nothing more than I, To kiss her neck, while shed peers into the night... [read more]

old poetry

I’ve always been fascinated with poetry. I generally write poetry for specific people. Here’s some of my older work; you can deduce who it was for by the year and month (if you know me well enough). this poem could be much better with some rework of a few parts. March 30, 2004 if, but you may, realize how moonstruck i am. ahh, but an example. when i dauntlessly gaze upon you, my heart flutters from within, trying to escape, and take over my being. all my senses begin to flee from me, until, yes, my ears do work, for... [read more]

Unicycle Tour of San Francisco 2011 part 2

My socks, standing on the wheel looking down: In front of Lombert St: Good picture for Sept 11th (the day of the unicycle ride): “Ride the Lobster” unicycle socks on Nathan: The whole gang: Rob: The Golden Gate bridge: x Me thinking about riding it. If it was a 20″ wheel I would try it.. View while crossing the bridge at 8mph:

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