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Cartwheels in the Cyr Wheel

Just working on learning. Progressing slowly, but getting a bit better because I have a few days off!

Driveway Sign: Monkey Playground

I playfully call my house the “Monkey Playground”. Why? Why not!

Well, okay, I’m sort of monkey like since I like climbing around on lots of things. A little known fact about me: my 2004 Subaru Impreza WRX STi had a sticker on the side that said “Monkey *” (that last symbol was a star, not an asterisk). I thought it was funny — sort of like an aviator call sign for the pilot.

The new sign, freshly painted:


This is my first stencil. Here’s how I made it:

* Find an image on the internet to make a stencil out of. Drop it into Adobe Illustrator.

* With my Wacom tablet (a mouse would work), trace it with the pencil tool. Fix it up so the path looks fairly smooth. Download my version here.

* Print the stencil — it may take several pages if it is large.

* Tape it down on top of some poster board (thin cardboard from an art supply store.)

* Put something underneath the cardboard so you don’t cut into your table (I used a balsa wood model airplane table).

* Cut it out with a sharp new exacto knife.



* Spray paint it!

I can hear myself telling people how to get to my place: “Yeah, pull into the driveway with a red monkey painted on a huge white saw blade out front.”

New pull up bar

Using the plasma cutter to make stuff…

I wanted a new pull-up bar for my house. The old one looked tacky…but how can anything be tacky around your own house if you put it there? Here’s some shapes cut out of metal:


Pieces setup for welding:


Ugly pullup bar removed:


Hanging on the wheel (as seen through the eyes of a lyra. And in this picture you can see how the top right of the lyra wasn’t quite as circular as I wanted…)


Plug In America

A few iPhone pictures of my car at Plug In America’s party from a few months ago.

Hanging out in SF:

Parked inside the winery on Treasure Island:







These things are awesome! They are basically plush lego toys that you can wear on your head as a hat. And, when you get tired of how it looks, change it up with some new accessories!

I met one of the creators, Jazz, and I was instantly interested in getting a few for myself. He is kick starting the company, and needs help. Please help them out by pledging something, and in return you can get one of the first batches of the fuzzy little friends.

Still trying to learn the cyr

I still have trouble with basic spinning/waltzing. I’m not really sure what I’m doing wrong. I’ll need to post up some videos of me failing and ask for advice on the internets.

Here’s me doing one footed for a bit:

Photography: Pat and Paige

Pat and Paige

Old time circus feel..jpg

Dec 2nd, 2011. The 418 Project. Santa Cruz, California.

Photography: Girls and Cube

Girls and Cube

IMG_5883 - Version 3.jpg

Dec 2nd, 2011. Circus Artists: Paige and Kelly. The 418 Project. Santa Cruz, California.

Photography: Niss Again

Niss Again


Dec 2nd, 2011. Niss.

Photography: Paige Handstand

Paige Handstand at the Love Potion Circus Show


Dec 2nd, 2011. Paige.

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