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Hey, this one even rhymed!


Words come so softly from her lips,
And fall upon my open ears,
Captivating my curiosity while tranquilizing my fears.

Sparkling blue eyes she uses to gaze,
And see no task to colossal or vast,
For a look into, makes me forget the past.

Her ams could define a million words,
While also creating the meaning of embrace,
As I will for them, to wrap me like a lace.

Her silky smooth skin is to ogle with desire,
One wants nothing more than I,
To kiss her neck, while shed peers into the night sky.

She has adventurous fire running through her veins,
And gorgeous curls flowing to an open heart,
With every breath, a sight that takes its mark.

Beneath all that my eyes can see,
Glows a free spirit who has dreams to be,
But also sees a means, with reality.

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