old poetry


I’ve always been fascinated with poetry. I generally write poetry for specific people. Here’s some of my older work; you can deduce who it was for by the year and month (if you know me well enough). this poem could be much better with some rework of a few parts.

March 30, 2004

if, but you may, realize how moonstruck i am.
ahh, but an example.

when i dauntlessly gaze upon you,
my heart flutters from within,
trying to escape, and take over my being.
all my senses begin to flee from me,
until, yes, my ears do work,
for your melodic voice captures them with a whisper.
but, i forget how it is to feel,
until a touch of your soft hand upon mine,
starts a gentle spark of warmth,
running through my veins,
until it touches my heart,
and i realize i cannot smell,
but, as you approach me closer i catch your aroma,
till i want nothing more, than to taste your kiss,
at which, with no words from me,
you promptly known and oblige,
with a gentle press, of your lips upon mine.

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