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Louise, modeling some cloths she got from my dad, and a sock monkey monster from my sister.

Muni Ride Log, entry 18: Stevens Trail

Muni Ride Log – Stevens Trail, Colfax, CA (another link to info about it). I started using the iPhone app “iMapMyRide“. It dumps things back to a website and generates a nice map. Unfortunately, some... [read more]
Logbook, Unicycling

HDR vs non HDR

HDR images can really pull out some highlights that you normally wouldn’t see. Here’s a comparison of an HDR generated by taking a single RAW photo and exporting 3 different exposures from Aperture. I then... [read more]

Matching Geared KH 24 Mountain Unicycles

Louise and I have (somewhat) matching Geared KH 24 Mountain Unicycles: Mine’s rim has horizontal stripes: While Louise’s is a candy-cane:     Unfortunately, the paint job on mine got warn away after one day of... [read more]

Save a tree

I don’t like the idea of killing a tree every year just so we can stick it in our house and put presents under it, so I convinced louise to let us get a live... [read more]

MUNI v1 – Mountain Unicycling Video

MUNI v1 – Mountain Unicycling Video from Corbin’s Treehouse Productions. High Quality, 22 MB, H.264, AAC encoded. Get QuickTime to play it. Featuring: Chuck, Corbin, Jason, Louise, Bevan and appearances of Kevin. Post on the... [read more]

Project Hutchinson: Upstairs Built-ins

Here’s the big pile of maple and poplar that I got for the project: Building the face frame was super fast and easy to do with pocket jointery:
Project Hutchinson, Woodworking

Project Hutchinson: Tablesaw outfeed table

I wanted to start work on my built in dressers for the upstairs, but first I needed an out feed table for the tablesaw. I wanted something that doubled as a work space, and added... [read more]
Project Hutchinson, Woodworking

Honduras Pictures

Some pictures from Honduras, hosted on Flickr (one of too many photo sharing sites that I use) HDR picture of the dock in Roatan, Honduras. This picture makes you think. You want to turn your... [read more]

Couple pictures from SD Muni Weekend

I only took a few pictures. Here they are: Cody doing a kick flip trick off the ramp at Mile’s house. Max, reaching the top. Amazing. Simply amazing! Max trying street moves. A suspension unicycle... [read more]

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