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Barbara Butler’s Treehouses and Play Structures

Barbara Butler, who has some great treehouses and play structures that have appeared in several treehouse books, has a great website: She offers both pre designed wooden play houses and 2-story play sets, as well as site-specific, redwood play structures and children’s treehouses that come in all shapes and sizes. Take a look at her website, and buy the book “Treehouses — the House that Jack Built”, which features my treehouse and also one of Barbara’s structures.

Rock Climbing in Red Rocks, Nevada

For the past few days on my holiday break, I went and did some climbing at Red Rocks, Nevada with a few friends (Jason, Sara, and Ellie). It was a blast! I really love rock climbing, and being out in nature was great. I took a bunch of pictures.

I learned a TON of new stuff on the trip. First of all, I had never really known how to properly setup a rappel after a climb, but after a great lesson from jason and repeating it a bunch of times, I finally got the hang of it. In addition to that, I learned how to do some traditional climbing! (Also called “trad climbing”, which is when you use “natural protection” instead of bolts. This usually consists of camming devices, and various pieces of metal, called nuts, to stick in cracks and stuff).

The first day, we started off easy, doing some 5.8 warm ups followed by some easy 10’s. Then, we moved onto another area where we met this guy Gary, a long time Red Rocks climber from Vegas. He was self belaying a 5.12a (or was it a b?); well, technically, he had his little dog, Toby, there to help in case of an emergency, but other than that he was doing some solo climbing. We exchanged a few belays, and he gave me some great beta that allowed me to onsight a 5.11b (my first 5.11 outdoor lead). After that, I gave his 5.12 a try on top rope, and fell on the crux, but otherwise made it up! Then, I led a 5.11c; that thing was HARD! I was taxed at the cruz, and barley made the clip before falling. It was a risky clip; I was high cliping and there was a lot of rope out. It was scary for a moment. After I hung on the clip for a while, I finished it off with no problem.

The next day, we warmed up on some 10’s. Jason taught me some trad climbing techniques, and let me use his gear to climb my first trad climb (a 5.10-, which felt like a 5.9, and apparently another book has it listed as a 5.9+). It was a TON of fun placing gear, and I’m going to really get into it next year. After that, we headed to this really crowded area, where I attempted to lead a 5.11b. I fell twice, hard, on the second clip, and twisted my ankle a bit when I slammed against the wall. I finally made clip three after the third try, and finished it off. I then led a 5.11a, hanging on one clip for some rest; I was hoping for an onsight, but I was a little tired after my first attempts on the 11b. Then, I top roped an 11c a few times (falling on a few of the hard sections — i never did get it clean!), a GREAT 10d and then led a long 5.9 before we ended the day. A TON of fun climbing, and I’m really only telling my tale; everyone else had a great time and did a ton of great climbs.

The next day, man, my left foot was really sore from my hard falls! Oh well..c’est la vie.

A great artist and Photoshop drawing tips

Olduvai George has a great artistic blog. In his latest post, he goes over some of the finer details of using photoshop to create some of his artwork. Wonderful! Take a gander at it over here.

Mountain Unicycling – Pro photographer pictures

Daniel Peak, a photographer, took some pictures of me riding my mountain unicycle in Los Gatos a while ago. Visit his website at:, and on the editorial page you can see the picture he took. Cool!

An excellent cheese making website

I’m into doing things by hand. i’ve never made cheese by hand, but this website, Fankhauser’s Cheese Page, is an excellent resource.

Aperture tutorials

It is a little hard to find, but there are some great Aperture tutorials available on the apple website. Here is a link to them.

Fat Tire

So, one of my favorite beers is definitely Fat Tire.

Img 1189

I don’t know why, but it really appeals to me. I used to be a real “dark beer” drinker (guinness), but now I’m moving towards lighter beers. Of course, my stomach is probably getting larger because of this. I really need to get more exercise, so today, we are going to do a nice mountain unicycle ride in Santa Cruz.

Mountain Unicycle Video Podcast

My buddy, Nick Brazzi, has started a unicycle podcast. This includes some cool mountain unicyle and trials stuff, along with lessons!

Subscribe to it in iTunes by clicking on pcast://

Or, you can just visit the RSS feed and directly download the video: and visit Nick’s site at: for more info. It requires Quicktime 7.

If you watch it, you can look for me in it. I’m at the start, riding the railing-thing, and then I’m in the sunset picture hopping around. Then, I’m in other places too — just look for the guy without a shirt on. Plus, I give a few of the lessons. Very cool, and great job, Nick!

Picture 1-1

Me and my family

Here are a few pictures from my cousin, Debbie, from our thanksgiving dinner in 2005:

Me and my sister, Brenna.

The whole Dunny family.

Brandi (my cousin Gabe’s girlfriend), Debbie (my cousin), Gabe’s girl: Maraiah (sp) and Debbies girl: Haley (sp).
They are in front of my treehouse!

Brandi, Corbin and Brenna

Two for one Tuesdays

While in Barcelona, Louise and I would take the subway/metro and get “two for one tuesdays”. IE: I would walk through the gate (when there wasn’t a guard nearby) and she would follow me through using the same ticket. A little sketchy, but no real big deal. Or, so we thought. One evening, we see a guard down the subway hall with a huge dog, muzzled to keep him from biting people (the dog, not the guard). Around the next corner, they were checking tickets! Oh my god, my heart almost stopped, since we only had one valid ticket between the two of us. So, the guy asks for my ticket, and i give it to him. He swipes it through his reader, validates that we did recently use it, and says something like “ok” (ballet, in Spain). So, I walk forward and Louise follows me. Luckily, he didn’t stop her. We no longer did “two for one tuesdays”.

Another strange thing: at a restaurant there was this star hanging:

Well, the strange this was that they marked “vegetarian” items on the menu with a V. One of the items marked was a “Ham and Cheese” sandwich. Haha!

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