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Barbara Butler’s Treehouses and Play Structures

Barbara Butler, who has some great treehouses and play structures that have appeared in several treehouse books, has a great website: She offers both pre designed wooden play houses and 2-story play sets, as well as site-specific, redwood play structures and children’s treehouses that come in all shapes and sizes. Take a look at her website, and buy the book “Treehouses — the House that Jack Built”, which features my treehouse and also one of Barbara’s structures.

Rock Climbing in Red Rocks, Nevada

For the past few days on my holiday break, I went and did some climbing at Red Rocks, Nevada with a few friends (Jason, Sara, and Ellie). It was a blast! I really love rock climbing, and being out in nature was great. I took a bunch of pictures. I learned a TON of new stuff on the trip. First of all, I had never really known how to properly setup a rappel after a climb, but after a great lesson from jason and repeating it a bunch of times, I finally got the hang of it. In addition to... [read more]

A great artist and Photoshop drawing tips

Olduvai George has a great artistic blog. In his latest post, he goes over some of the finer details of using photoshop to create some of his artwork. Wonderful! Take a gander at it over here.

Mountain Unicycling – Pro photographer pictures

Daniel Peak, a photographer, took some pictures of me riding my mountain unicycle in Los Gatos a while ago. Visit his website at:, and on the editorial page you can see the picture he took. Cool!

An excellent cheese making website

I’m into doing things by hand. i’ve never made cheese by hand, but this website, Fankhauser’s Cheese Page, is an excellent resource.

Aperture tutorials

It is a little hard to find, but there are some great Aperture tutorials available on the apple website. Here is a link to them.

Fat Tire

So, one of my favorite beers is definitely Fat Tire. I don’t know why, but it really appeals to me. I used to be a real “dark beer” drinker (guinness), but now I’m moving towards lighter beers. Of course, my stomach is probably getting larger because of this. I really need to get more exercise, so today, we are going to do a nice mountain unicycle ride in Santa Cruz.

Mountain Unicycle Video Podcast

My buddy, Nick Brazzi, has started a unicycle podcast. This includes some cool mountain unicyle and trials stuff, along with lessons! Subscribe to it in iTunes by clicking on pcast:// Or, you can just visit the RSS feed and directly download the video: and visit Nick’s site at: for more info. It requires Quicktime 7. If you watch it, you can look for me in it. I’m at the start, riding the railing-thing, and then I’m in the sunset picture hopping around. Then, I’m in other places too — just look for the guy without a shirt on.... [read more]

Me and my family

Here are a few pictures from my cousin, Debbie, from our thanksgiving dinner in 2005: Me and my sister, Brenna. The whole Dunny family. Brandi (my cousin Gabe’s girlfriend), Debbie (my cousin), Gabe’s girl: Maraiah (sp) and Debbies girl: Haley (sp). They are in front of my treehouse!

Two for one Tuesdays

While in Barcelona, Louise and I would take the subway/metro and get “two for one tuesdays”. IE: I would walk through the gate (when there wasn’t a guard nearby) and she would follow me through using the same ticket. A little sketchy, but no real big deal. Or, so we thought. One evening, we see a guard down the subway hall with a huge dog, muzzled to keep him from biting people (the dog, not the guard). Around the next corner, they were checking tickets! Oh my god, my heart almost stopped, since we only had one valid ticket between... [read more]

Macro lens work in Spain

My macro lens is very cool. Here is a picture of a ceiling at some outdoor plaza area in Seville, Spain: The ceiling was some 40 feet (or so it seemed) away from me, yet the lens got a great picture of it. I really enjoy macro work, and will hopefully get a tripod for christmas.

Wild parrots of Spain!

While walking along the street in Barcelona, I saw something that astonished me. A flock of “wild” parrots in Barcelona! I really like nature, and I really like birds, so it was cool to see them. I snapped a few pictures, but they didn’t want me to get too close.

Pictures are now up!

Some of my favorite spain pictures are now on my Spain Pictures Page. Be sure to check them out. Eventually, I’ll add comments for what each picture is.

Ahh, Spain!

I’ve uploaded a few (3) pictures so far — tomorrow I will drop off the rest of the good ones. Here is a sneak peek: These will be on my pictures page.

My trip back home

Well, I safely made it back to good ‘ol America, however, it was a long journey. I started out on a night train from Seville to Barcelona; after the 10 hour train ride (where I got to watch a gorgeous sunrise on the mediteranean coast) I spent my last day in Barcelona with Louise. We went to the aquarium, and it was pretty cool, although I’m looking forward to visiting the Montery Bay one sometime soon. Then, I took a night flight from 8pm-10pm to Frankfurt, Germany. I spent the night at the airport; that wasn’t too fun, and I... [read more]

Seville (Sevilla, spain)

Right now, i am in sevilla, spain. it is really cool down here. i say down here..because it is southern spain — about an 8 hour train ride from barcelona, that ended up being 10 hours because trains are frequently late. there is this great cathedral that i took a ton of pictures of, and a lot of other interesting touristy things. last night, we went to a small flamanco bar with a group of varied people …3 americans, one swiss-english gal, a french girl, and a guy from moroco (well, he ended up not going out, but we were... [read more]


barcelona is great! i’m hoping to get some of the pictures off of my camera sometime soon…but for now, i may have to just post them when i get back home. tonight, i’ll be taking a train to southern spain. it will hopefully be a bit warmer…it is a little colder than i expected!

I must be obsessed with my camera

Here is one more picture. Okay, maybe two. “Wine Bottle Study” Shutter: 1/1. Aperture: f 13.0. Focal Length: 100mm. ISO: 1600. Flash: off. Aperture Priority. Shutter: 1/60. Aperture: f 4.0. Focal Length: 100mm. ISO: 1600. Flash: on. Normal program.

Going to spain!

Tomorrow, I’ll be going to Spain for about 9 days. I’ll try to post to my blog when I can.

Macro lens

I got a macro lens. It is great, and I love it! Here is my favorite picture so far: Can you guess why?

Santa Cruz – gotta love it.

The weather has been great lately. I miss living in Santa Cruz! Luckily, Los Gatos is like a 20 minute drive away.


I like flowers. They represent something very beautiful, and serenity.

Pancake Playhouse fundraiser

Hi All. Please support my Pancake buddies. I can’t make it, as I’ll be in Spain at that time. Pancake Playhouse Presents A Sunday Evening DINNER SPEAKEASY Pancake Playhouse, You, and some gourmet grub. Come this Sunday to support your favorite theme camp with this year’s first fund raiser. Enjoy all the wine you can drink, a fabulous three+ course meal and tasty desserts while we entertain.  Everyone is welcome and twenties attire is encouraged. Sunday November 27, 2005 at Seven O’Clock Go quickly to to get your tickets online. Space is limited and tickets are going fast.

A few pictures

A few pictures from last weekend are here. I need to fix my gallery so the others show up…stupid ImageMagic is failing to resize them!

West Cliff Rail Riding

Jason took some pics with my new camera. This is just a screen shot from iPhoto (real pictures later):

I made a Pi!

…For today’s software engineering potluck, I made a Pi: Can you tell what is wrong with it? It should be easy, if you are a programmer…or math-y person.

what makes a picture?

Self portrait. Holding still for 10 seconds. What is there to like? A reflection in the guitar, off center main subject, cut off pieces, non matching vertical lines, and lots more. What is there to dislike? All of the previous mentioned things. Vertical guitar neck, with flash halo. Nice extra e sticking out. Don’t like it? Well, there is always photoshop. the psychopathy of everyday life. someday is not here! -corbin


A few weeks ago I went to Axolotl. It is very cool, and you should check it out sometime. Imagine getting blind folded and interacting with 30 or so other blind folded people and 10-14 non-blindfolded performers. It is an amazing experience.

Support my unicycle buddies

A bunch of my friends are going to be doing a unicycle tour through Laos, one of the poorest nations in South East Asia. Check out the website and the riders. And, if you want to learn how to unicycle, we are going to be giving free lessons and demonstrations on Sunday, Dec 11th, 10am – noon at the Los Gatos High School Track (map). Come check it out! I’ll be giving unicycle trials demonstrations and lessons.


Well. I’m getting sucked into photography. I have always had an interest in it, and I finally decided to take the plunge. I bought the extremely popular Canon Digital Rebel XT, and I’m ordering a 100mm Macro lens to go with it. Maybe some day you’ll see some nice pictures up here. :)

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