Seville (Sevilla, spain)


Right now, i am in sevilla, spain. it is really cool down here. i say down here..because it is southern spain — about an 8 hour train ride from barcelona, that ended up being 10 hours because trains are frequently late. there is this great cathedral that i took a ton of pictures of, and a lot of other interesting touristy things. last night, we went to a small flamanco bar with a group of varied people …3 americans, one swiss-english gal, a french girl, and a guy from moroco (well, he ended up not going out, but we were all hanging out earlier). i really wish i knew spanish, but so it goes…eventually i´ll try to learn it. two nights ago we went to a cool club and danced around for hours. it was quite smoky, but i managed to put up with it. everyone here stays out till like 3 am — it is crazy but it has been nice to sleep in until 1pm..something which i have never done in the states.

i decided i really like architecture…there have been some amazing buildings here. i really like gaudi in barcelona…some of his buildings and parks are like none other. i can´t wait until i can check out my pictures from my camera. i dropped a bunch of them onto a CD a few days back so i could take more pictures. i wish i would have brought a spare memory card –that would have made things a lot easier, but c´est la vie. and i´ve been obsessed with taking pictures. it is so fun to play around with my new camera, and i´m really glad that i got it.

many of the people in spain are really nice. people help each other a lot, and are very talkative and friendly…i am so glad that louise can speak spanish so well, as i would really be lost here without her. a lot of people do speak english, but it is better to make an attempt to speak their native language in their country. i use the four or five spanish words i know, like hola! hasta luego!

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yep, would be good to have a good command of the sapnish language . At least you have loiuise with you which i am sure makesa all the difference.

I have heard that the norm is stay up late and sleep late.

Glad your camera is getting a work out – want to see the pics of architecure you took

how is the currency exchange rate?


Adam Markowitz
Adam Markowitz

Don’t forget to be able to ask “Where’s the bathroom??!!?!?” That one’s important :)


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