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While in Barcelona, Louise and I would take the subway/metro and get “two for one tuesdays”. IE: I would walk through the gate (when there wasn’t a guard nearby) and she would follow me through using the same ticket. A little sketchy, but no real big deal. Or, so we thought. One evening, we see a guard down the subway hall with a huge dog, muzzled to keep him from biting people (the dog, not the guard). Around the next corner, they were checking tickets! Oh my god, my heart almost stopped, since we only had one valid ticket between the two of us. So, the guy asks for my ticket, and i give it to him. He swipes it through his reader, validates that we did recently use it, and says something like “ok” (ballet, in Spain). So, I walk forward and Louise follows me. Luckily, he didn’t stop her. We no longer did “two for one tuesdays”.

Another strange thing: at a restaurant there was this star hanging:

Well, the strange this was that they marked “vegetarian” items on the menu with a V. One of the items marked was a “Ham and Cheese” sandwich. Haha!

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