The Corner Cabinet – CNC Woodworking

First off, check out the build video: The Corner Cabinet – CNC Woodworking Fine Furniture I finished this project about a month ago, but I never got around to posting it to my website. My... [read more]

The Voronoi Texture Cabinet Design

Video Link: The Voronoi Texture Cabinet Design on YouTube I started this cabinet late last year and finished in early January. My goal was to build something to hold a lot of my CNC accessories... [read more]

Video & Notes: CNC Vertical Work Table

Video link: CNC Vertical Work Table Build It’s been a while since I posted on my blog, and I’ve got a few videos on YouTube that are interesting to talk about. This one above is... [read more]
Wood inlay - pineapple shape with walnut wood on cherry

Video: Perfect CNC Inlays

This video is for CNC woodworkers on how to get perfect inlays with a straight bit. Using a straight bit is required when you want a deep inlay; something greater than 1/2″ thick and up... [read more]

Hex Salad Bowl with Wood Inlay – CNC Woodworking

Watch the video build: Hex Inlay Salad Bowl – My Hardest CNC Project My last hexagonal salad bowl was made with epoxy and cherry wood. I laminated up a bunch of pieces of cherry and... [read more]

Video: Hexagonal Salad Bowl

I finished this new salad bowl a few days ago. I decided to do my “signature style” of epoxy drips on a new bowl design. I played around with a lot of different shapes using... [read more]

Video: How to Make a CNC Spoilboard

Video link: The Ultimate CNC Spoilboard – over on YouTube. A lot of the base footage for this video was filmed when I built my CNC machine back in January and February of 2023. I... [read more]

CNC Dust Boot / CNC Dust Shoe / Dust Manifold / Version 2.0

Video link: 3D Printed CNC Dust Boot This is a new CNC Dust Shoe that I designed in Fusion 360. You can download it for free over on my workshop site: CNC Dust Boot for... [read more]

Burning Man 2023 Art Bike Project

Video link: Burning Man 2023 Art Bike. This is my art bike project that I created for this year’s Burning Man! If you haven’t heard of Burning Man, it is a week long participant run... [read more]
Adventures, Video

Salad Utensil Set – Hibiscus Inlay – Cherry and Walnut

This is the latest incarnation of my wood utensil set. I had a few people say I should do a salad set — and this is what I came up with! The overall shape is... [read more]

Video: CNC’ed Salad Bowl – A Failure?

I had a lot of issues making this bowl, and it took over a month to get it completed. I did a lot of test cuts…and I went through a lot of problems before I... [read more]

Videos: Shallow Flow Bowl – CNC Woodworking Projects

This is my “Shallow Flow Bowl” design that I did a while back in Fusion 360. I decided to make a few of them out of wood for sale on Corbin’s Workshop and Etsy and... [read more]

Video: Wood Heart Boxes

I made a few more of these boxes and finished up a video on the whole process. This was one of the first projects on my Avid CNC that I got earlier this year. Some... [read more]

Avid CNC ATC Post Processor for Fusion 360

If you are using an Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) with an Avid CNC then you have to customize or install a new post processor to make it work properly in Fusion 360. Campion video, in... [read more]

Avid CNC ATC Post Processor Setup – Vectric VCarve / Vectric Aspire

If you are using an Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) with Mach 4 and an Avid CNC, then you need to customize the post processor for the most popular CAM programs to properly generate a tool... [read more]

Video: Mach 4 Setup for an ATC

In one of my last posts, I discussed how I setup the hardware for my ATC on my Avid CNC. This video describes the software side of things. I’ve been working on this software for... [read more]

Video: How to Make an ATC Tool Rack

I needed a tool rack for my HITECO ATC spindle on my Avid CNC machine. I experimented with 3D printing some holders, but I felt like they were too weak. So, I ended up machining... [read more]

How to Setup an Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) on an Avid CNC

Video link: ATC Setup on Avid CNC This is a companion article for the above video where I talk about setting up an Automatic Tool Changer (ATC) on a CNC machine. For the Mach 4... [read more]
Photo of tramming the CNC spindle

How to Tram a CNC Spindle / Router

When you build a CNC the spindle or router may not be perfectly aligned to the table. You have to tram it, or align it to the axis that it will move along. This is... [read more]

Video: Precision with an Avid CNC Build

Video link: Ep3: Avid CNC Build Getting Precision and Accuracy Precision and accuracy are really important to a CNC machine. I wanted mine to accurately flatten a piece of wood down the entire length of... [read more]

Video: Building a Heavy Welded Steel CNC Table

Direct video link: Avid CNC Steel Table Build One of the biggest complaints of the Avid CNC is that the table isn’t heavy enough. A heavier table will help produce better cuts on a CNC... [read more]
Avid CNC vs Phantom vs Laguna etc

Avid CNC vs Phantom CNC, Laguna, Shop Sabre, Etc

Textual link to the video: Don’t Buy the Wrong CNC – Why I got an Avid CNC This video is almost 20 minutes long and I go into details on why I got an Avid... [read more]

Low Profile CNC Toe Clamps – 3D Printed

I needed a better way to hold down my workpieces onto my CNC table. I had seen some low profile clamps that the people have done, but they were all designed for a t-nut system,... [read more]

Heart Box Wood Variations

I’ve been doing some variations of the heart box with different woods. This one has a cherry wood base with the same wave design I did in the original wood heart box. I used maple... [read more]

Heart Box – Cherry Wood and Madrone Wood Wave

I’ve been working on setting up a new CNC machine, and this is one of the first projects I did on it. It is a variation of the epoxy and wood heart boxes I did... [read more]

Walnut Spatula and Spoon

So far I have made one pair of the spoon and spatula utensils to sell. These are made from walnut with a madrone wood inlay in the shape of a rose. They are the same... [read more]

CNC Woodworking: Madrone Spoon with Wood Inlay

I decided to make a custom spoon to match the Wood Spatula I shared in my last post. I’ve only made a few of them with the rose inlay, but I do hope to make... [read more]

Madrone Wood Spatula with Walnut Wood Inlay

I’ve been working on some utensil designs, and the first thing that I made is a wooden spatula. The spatula itself is curvy and round, which is contrary to a lot of spatulas that I’ve... [read more]

Video: Heart Box – CNC Woodworking

In the last few posts I shared some photos of my heart box. The first prototype one was made from cherry wood with Bora Bora blue epoxy and the second pair was made with purple... [read more]

Heart Box – Cherry Wood Box with Purple and Ghost Blue

The first heart box, Cherry with Bora Bora Blue, was a prototype that turned out awesome. However, I felt like there were ways to improve things, especially when my wife gave me some invaluable feedback.... [read more]

Video: Heart Bowl Packaging

Lately I’ve been making several heart bowls to post for sale on my website: Corbin’s Workshop. To ship them, I normally would haphazardly wrap up the product in a bunch of old packaging material, put... [read more]

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