Unicycling is one of my favorite activities — especially mountain unicycling or road riding in the hills by my house. I learned to unicycle in April 2004 when I got my first one: a cromo steel Kris Holm 24″ mountain uni.

I was the previous 2010 Unicycle Marathon World Champion! The course was really suited to my riding style. In 2012, I attended UNICON and got 3rd in each of the marathon, 10km and 100km races. The cool thing about the 100km race is that I was one of the only people to do it nonstop, with zero dismounts or falls.. At the North American Unicycle Nationals in 2010 (called UGames), I also won the Downhill Mountain Unicycling race, and Marathon race. I placed second in the 10km and time trial races (behind the super-fast Chuck Edwall) and 3rd in Mountain Uni Cross Country.

I have a lot of unicycles and primary ride my Kris Holm geared 36″ road uni and 24″ geared mountain unicycle. I also have a geared 26″ muni. The geared hub is a planetary system that gives two speeds, and are from Schlumpf Innovations.

In 2013 I built my own big 36″ unicycle to ride, called the Corbin V-36.

In April 2017 I rode the Arizona Trail on my unicycle. Check out all the posts: Arizona Trail on Unicycle.

In 2015 I rode my unicycle through the Himalayan mountains of Nepal.

Listed below are various posts about unicycling (this is my “Unicycling” category on the left”).


San Francisco Unicycle Tour – more pictures!

Gary has posted a bunch of pictures on his smugmug account. Here are some of the ones of me: Riding up a hill. Riding on the edge. Rob telling me where we went. I swear.... [read more]
General, Unicycling

San Francisco Unicycle Tour

Last Sunday, I did a 40+ mile tour of San Francisco with 12 other unicyclists (Rob, Nick, Beau, Nathan, Scot, Bronson, Daniel, Mark Massie, Geoff, John Foss, and of course, the birthday boy, Gary). It... [read more]
General, Unicycling

Trials unicycling on “the machine” at burning man

Seth took some really really cool pictures of me on “the machine” at burning man: Here i’m doing a still stand on the edge: This is right before I hopped off to the ground. Thanks... [read more]
Other Stuff, Unicycling

More mountain unicycling pictures.

John has some pictures of our trip to Downieville: smugmug – John Foss : Downieville, July 17, 2005. I’m the guy not wearing a shirt with a blue helmet.
General, Unicycling

Some Mountain Unicycling (muni) and Trials pictures

John Foss put some pictures he took of me on his smugmug site: Hurt arm – I hugged a tree. (from riding in Auburn) Doing Trials riding (at Jess’s house):
General, Unicycling

rail unicycle riding at East Cliff Rd, Santa Cruz, CA (aka: ‘the hook’)

I did some cool rail riding last weekend: http://www.bluetreesoft.com/wallpapers/wallpapers.cgi/east_cliff?ppp=0 Here’s a snapshot: I am actually right above the cliff. Check out the other pictures. Cool, huh! This is what I do in my spare time.... [read more]
General, Unicycling

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