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3D Artwork: Lotus Experimentation

A flower I designed and rendered. This one isn’t for machining, and was just for playing around with to create something as artwork for the computer. It looks great as a desktop background! Click on... [read more]

CNC Woodworking: Lotus Bowl Design

July 2022 update: I made this bowl in real life. Check out the result: Lotus Bowl CNC woodworking. This is an animation rendering of a concept bowl that I designed from scratch. I’m hoping to... [read more]

Exterior Siding & Roofing – Truckee Workshop Part 12

After wrapping the house the next step was to get it sealed for winter. Check out the previous post where I did that work: Wrapping the Workshop. The roofers came and put on the roof... [read more]

Photography: Truckee Snowy Sunset and Moonrise

I took this photo from our deck using my drone[aff link]. The moon was much bigger in person, and I edited the image a bit in Lightroom. You can tell by looking at the sky... [read more]

Photography: Morning Truckee Sunrise

We got about three inches of snow a few days ago, and the forecast is for up to 8′! Here is the sunrise from this morning off our deck in Truckee, California.

Exterior Prep and Wrap – Truckee Workshop Part 11

In the last post I wrote about how me and the crew got the building semi-roofed; the OSB sheathing covered most stuff and would keep out most rain. It did rain a bit and test... [read more]

Ceiling and Roof Construction – Truckee Workshop Part 10

In the last post I talked about how we go the steel posts and main beam installed for my garage/shop project. I was working really hard to get the roof on and keep everything dry,... [read more]

Steel Posts and the Ridge Beam Install – Truckee Workshop Part 9

The outer shell of the structure went up pretty quickly, and it was soon time to get the main ridge beam installed and begin roof sheathing. My plans called for two steel posts supporting three... [read more]

Framing a Woodshop – The Truckee Workshop Part 8

Once the wood was delivered it was go time for construction. I needed to get it roofed before winter started rolling in, and the pre-framed walls gave me a pretty good head start, but this... [read more]

Wood Package Delivery – The Truckee Workshop Part 7

The slab was done and it was now time to get the wood package from Pacific Modern Homes Inc (PMHI) via my dealer California Precut Homes (CPH). Once my plans were approved by the county... [read more]

Making a Workshop Slab Foundation – The Truckee Workshop Part 6

In the previous post I talked about excavation. Jump back there if you missed it, or check out all the posts for my Workshop Project 2021. Once the digging was done the guys from Bobby... [read more]

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