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Last updated: February 2021

What kind of epoxy should you use? What type of epoxy? I’ve been taking notes on various places to buy epoxies, and the general things that are important to people who do epoxy woodworking, such as river tables and engravings. I’ll add explicit notes on epoxies I have used myself and my opinions. I’ve been trying to find the “best” epoxy for the “best” price, but this highly depends on the application. My opinion is unbiased, however some do have affiliate links, and some companies have given me epoxies to try. I hope you find this list useful, and use my affiliate links as a way of saying “thanks”.

Food Safety: Some manufactures list themselves as “food safe”. Please read my article: Is Epoxy Food Safe?

Temperature: All manufactures generally state around 75F for curing. Somewhere from 70-80F is generally ideal. Lower temperatures cause slower curing and can prevent bubble release. Too high of temperatures will cause exothermic reactions and cause cracking. Do not leave a heater pointed on your project.

I don’t have a vacuum chamber for small castings. I would use a different epoxy if I was using one. Specifically, I would use something that cures a little faster, since all bubbles can quickly be removed.

Shipping estimates are to California. Prices valid as of early 2020.

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Deep Pour Epoxies

Good for river tables and castings because they can be poured deeper than usual. Generally less scratch resistant than countertop epoxies. They cure slower (12 hours to 3 days) to prevent too much heat build up and allow bubbles to escape. Pay attention to the thickness that they can be poured as each is different. Some aren’t crystal clear, which is okay if you are tinting the epoxy.

Mica powder in all deep pour epoxies tends to drop out due to the slow cure time. This means that you will loose any patterns you designed. WiseBond recommends letting the epoxy sit in the pour bucket for 2-4 hours to thicken before adding mica powder. You can also keep re-stirring the epoxy until it starts to thicken and hold the design. This can take up to 4-12 hours, and varies depending on the epoxy and temperature. More info: Mica Powder Drop Out.

WiseBond Deep Pour Epoxy

  • Website: WiseBond Epoxy
  • Purchase: WiseBond Deep Pour Epoxy
    • $78 – $86/gallon (when using a promo code, plus shipping)
    • Use my promo code CORBIN10 for 10% off
    • Shipping $28.72 via UPS ground. Free shipping for over $300 (March 2020) – that can make WiseBond a really good deal!
    • Also available on Amazon: WiseBond Deep Pour – $97/gallon with free shipping
  • Pours 2” thick for river tables, and the data sheet says up to 5” for castings!
  • Datasheet link
  • 24 hour cure time for hard to touch; 48-72 hours recommended before de-molding.
  • UV inhibitors, unsure on scratch resistance, cures crystal clear (not tested by me)
  • Corbin’s Notes:
    • This epoxy cures slowly and releases air bubbles really well! It seems to cure slightly faster than Chemtec, for the same given temperature. We are talking about 10-14 hours before gelling at 1″ deep and about 70F in order to swirl mica powder patterns.
    • 2:1 ratio; typical for deep pour epoxies

KSRESIN Liquid Cast Deep Pour Epoxy Resin

  • Website: KSResin Epoxies
  • Purchase: KSResin Deep Pour Epoxy
    • $84/gallon (with shipping!, when using a promo code)
    • Use coupon code CORBIN for 5% off!
  • 2″ pours, HOWEVER max 1 gallon at at time!
    • This can be very limiting for a large table!!
  • 1/2″ min pour depth
  • Crystal clear, UV resistant, 65-80F pouring range, 12-18 hour cure (fast for a deep), 1:1 ratio (unique: most are 1:2 for deep pours)
  • Corbin’s Notes
    • I’ve tested this epoxy on some of my butterfly and heart bowl projects. It sets up within 2-3 hours, which is GREAT for holding patterns in mica powder. However, I don’t recommend it for large volume pours like river tables. It generates a lot of heat for the small pours I did (1/2″ to 1″ thick) and I get some curling (shrinkage) on the deeper parts. I don’t think you could do a 2″ pour in a river table, given that it requires more than one gallon. Bubble release is also poor compared to the other deep pour epoxies due to the higher viscosity of the 1:1 ratio. Mix slowly; pour slowly at small depths; torch bubbles out; pour more; torch, repeat.
    • I’ve had unverified reports that this brand has high UV tolerance

Chemtec Epoxy Cast

  • Website: Epoxy Chemtec Coatings
  • Purchase: Epoxy Cast at Covertec Products
    • $78/gallon (including shipping!) when purchased in 3 gallon kits – this is a great price, especially considering shipping!
    • $120/gallon (including shipping!) when buying 1 gallon
  • Pours 1 3/4″ – 2″, depending on the area (read the data sheet)
  • Epoxy Cast data sheet
  • Crystal clear, UV resistant, High impact and wear resistance
  • Reported cure time: 7 hours to gel, 36 hours for 1″ (tack free, de-mold) – but I notice the gel time is MUCH longer than this
  • Corbin’s Notes:
    • Sometimes comes in buckets, but the company is moving towards bottles. Buckets are great for large quantities, but are harder to work with for smaller quantities.
    • I tested this epoxy in a 1/2″ thick casting; it cured slowly and released bubbles well
    • I also tested it with a 1/4″ thick casting, and it cured really slowly; the mica powder dropped out — 1/4″ was too thin of a pour for it to hold the mica powder. I stirred it up to 14 hours after pouring, but still had mica powder drop out. It still cured hard.
    • Chemtec has an “Epoxy Cast THICK” that I’ve seen mentioned, but I don’t have any information on it.
    • 2:1 ratio, typical for deep pour epoxies

Yeti Labs / Pour Me a River: Deep Pour Epoxy

  • Website: https://yetilabsepoxy.com or https://pourmeariver.com
  • Purchase: 3 Gallon Kit – $240
    • $80/gallon, a good price, but there are cheaper options
    • However, $35 shipping (on the higher side) plus $17 California sales tax can make it more expensive!
    • Also available from Yeti Labs direct (costs more)
  • Pours 3″ thick! The deepest listed here
  • U.V Resistant, crystal clear, Heat Resistant- Scratch Resistant
  • 36-48 hr cure time
  • Corbin’s Notes:
    • Price is similar to WiseBond & Chemtec, but tax may make it more expensive if you are in California
    • 3:1 ratio, which is why it can probably be poured thicker
    • The epoxy brand is Yeti Labs, but “Pour Me a River” has better prices; the site is clearly owned by the same company (same layout, info and phone numbers)
    • I’ve tested this epoxy for some castings (more info coming soon); it works fine, cures slowly to avoid heat and has good bubble release.
    • Designed to be used in less than 80F; 60°F-75°F is ideal

Stone Coat Super Cast Epoxy

  • Purchase: Stone Coat Thick Pour Super Cast Epoxy 1.5 Gallon Kit (direct purchase)
    • ~$100/gallon (plus shipping); you can sometimes find promo codes for 5-10% off
    • $150 for 1.5 gallon kits; $20 shipping (cheaper if you purchase more)
  • Pours 2″ thick. Designed for greater than 3/4” per pour
  • Not scratch resistant, not transparent and not crystal clear in thick pours (yellow or amber), not UV resistant (per their datasheet)
  • Corbin’s Notes:
    • I’ve used this for several river tables, including my kitchen’s bar top some thick art blocks and a river table.
    • Cured really slowly (24-48 hours; slow initial set for patterns — greater than 10-12 hours before it held patterns, which isn’t ideal — I would have liked it to set up faster).
    • Cures with no air bubbles if you seal your wood, however, I got micro bubbles in my bar top probably due to my stirring technique; this was my fault, and not the epoxy’s fault.
    • I saw some yellowing in thick clear pours, which they state on their datasheet/website
    • 2:1 ratio

FGCI Superclear 2.0 Liquid Glass

  • Purchase: Deep Pour Epoxy Super Clear 3 gal – Amazon
    • $96.33/gallon w/shipping
    • $289/ 3 gallons, free shipping – comparable in cost to Yeti/Pour me a river
  • Says it pours 2-4″!
  • Crystal clear, UV Resistant
  • 8-12 hour gel time, 36-72 hour cure time, 70-85F working temp
  • Corbin’s Notes
    • Keep the volume low if pouring at 4″ to avoid cracking and overheating; otherwise pour at a maximum of 2″

Ecopoxy Liquid Plastic 2:1

  • Purchase: Ecopoxy Liquid Plastic 2:1  – or – Amazon link for Ecopoxy (only sold via dealers)
    • $107/gallon (more expensive if you buy smaller quantities)
    • Free shipping on amazon.
    • You might be able to find a retailer close to you
    • Some other dealers may have better prices at other sites (try Etsy)
  • Pours up to 1.5” thick and minimum pours of 1/4” thick. 
  • UV resistentcures clear
  • Datasheet link
  • Corbin’s Notes:
    • I have avoided trying this epoxy because it is more expensive than other options (for me in California)

FX Deep Cast – by Counter Top Epoxy

  • Website/Purchase: FX Deep Cast Epoxy
    • $290 for 1.5 gallons / $193/gallon (plus shipping)
  • 2″ – 3″ deep
  • Ultra 3D Ultra Clear, UV stabilized, “rock hard durability”, non-fading
  • Corbin’s Notes:
    • I haven’t tried this epoxy yet mainly due to the cost

Chill Epoxy – by Polymères technologies

  • Website: Chill Epoxy
  • Offers various products for different depth pours:
  • Corbin’s Notes
    • Price can be good if you buy in large quantities, but not good in small quantities
    • I’d like to try this epoxy sometime, but I don’t want to purchase it in the quantities required simply to test it

Epstart Epoxy – Deep Pour

  • Website: Upstart Epoxy (affiliate link)
    • $97-$117 gallon, depending on quantity
    • Use coupon code CORBIN5 for 5% off
  • Pours up to 2″ thick; 1.5″ recommended for large pours
  • 6 hour work time / 72 hour harden time / 1 week full cure
  • Heat resistant to 120F
  • UV resistant, but not recommended for outdoors
  • Corbin’s Notes
    • Another brand I’d like to try; the manufacturer may provide me a sample this summer when I’m back to doing epoxy pours

Casting Epoxies

Epoxies that are good for up to about 1″ thick pours. Good for placemat pours, serving trays, and casting small pieces. The advantage of a thinner pour is that it will cure faster than the 2″ pours, which prevents mica powder swirl design drop out.

Stone Coat Casting Epoxy

  • Website: https://www.stonecoatcountertops.com
  • Purchase: Stone Coat Casting Epoxy or Casting Epoxy on Amazon – 1.5 gallons
    • ~$100/gallon (plus shipping)
    • $150 for 1.5 gallon kits; $15 shipping (on Amazon – $20 on their site).
  • Pours 3/4 – 1” thick (recommend for under 3/4” per pour)
  • Not scratch resistant, not transparent in thick pours (will show up yellow or amber), not UV resistant
  • Corbin’s Notes:
    • I’ve used this a lot for my river table style boxes and engravings
    • Cures in about 12 hours at 70F 
    • Works quite well; I like it – my current favorite epoxy for small pours and small castings
    • I used it on several sets of epoxy placemats
    • Shipping is the cheapest in packs of 4 bottles
    • Perfectly clear in small thicknesses (1/8” – 1/4”)

Yeti Labs/Pour Me a River: The Craft

  • Website: https://yetilabsepoxy.com or https://pourmeariver.com
  • Purchase: The Craft 1 Gallon Kit
    • $60/gallon (a good price!)
    • About $12.95 shipping and $4.35 in CA tax
  • 1/2″ to 1″ pours, depending on volume
  • U.V Resistant, crystal clear, Heat Resistant- Scratch Resistant
  • 14 hour dry time
  • Corbin’s Notes:
    • I’d like to try it for my epoxy placemats
    • I emailed the company and asked how thick to pour. They said: 1/2″ easily, 3/4″ in most molds, and up to 1″

Total Boat ThickSet Epoxy

  • Purchase/site: http://www.totalboat.com/product/totalboat-thickset-casting-epoxy/
    • $100 – $130/gallon (depending on quantity)
  • Pours 1″ thick (or up to 2″ for small applications)
  • Datasheet says super clear
  • UV resistant (but not for outdoors), semi heat resistant (says up to 125F)
  • Temp: 65°F-80°F / 3:1 ratio / 10-30 minutes working time @ 77F / Gel time @ 77°F: 5.5 hours
  • Corbin’s Notes:
    • It is a bit pricey unless you buy 4 gallon increments.
    • You can get 10% off an order if you sign up for their email list.

Ecopoxy Flowcast

  • Purchase: Ecopoxy Flowcast – or – Amazon link to purchase
    • $99 – $285/gallon!
  • Purchase: Ecopoxy Flowcast in 6L – $221 plus shipping
    • Available w/Prime shipping but costs more per gallon
  • 1/4” – 1.5” pours per layer; don’t exceed 1” for pours over 20L, and varies by temp and humidity
  • Datasheet link
  • Clear, UV resistant, impact resistant
  • Corbin’s notes:
    • Disclaimer: Another epoxy that I haven’t used. It is new to the market, and probably is an attempt to fit the need for something quicker than 1/8″ pours but not as thick as the Ecopoxy Liquid Plastic’s 1.5″ pours. I probably won’t try it because it is quite a bit more expensive than other options.

Chill Epoxy – by Polymères technologies

  • See the listing under Deep Pour epoxies

Countertop Epoxies

These epoxies generally cure harder and are more scratch resistant. They are also self-leveling and meant to be poured as a “flood coat”. Some are heat resistant, but not all. Generally they can’t be poured more than 1/8” thick at at time, and requires you to do multiple layers to do thicker pours; this might be okay for clear pours (just slow), but would suck for matching colored pours.

WiseBond Bar and Table Top Epoxy

  • Website: WiseBond Epoxy
  • Purchase: WiseBond Bar and Table Top Epoxy
    • $54-$56/gallon (a great price! when using my promo code)
    • Use my promo code CORBIN10 for 10% off
    • 1/8” thick pours recommended, but up to 1/4″
    • UV stable (but not recommended for outdoors)
    • Datasheet link
  • Corbin’s Notes:
    • I haven’t used this epoxy yet, but I do have some to try out!
    • A good price for doing flood coats and comparable to Pro Marine’s price and capabilities

KSRESIN Liquid Stone™ Countertop Epoxy Resin

  • Website: KSResin Epoxies
  • Purchase: KSResin Liquid Stone Epoxy Resin
    • $65 – $72/gallon, WITH shipping! (when using a promo code)
    • Use coupon code CORBIN for 5% off!
  • TODO: more details
  • Apparently very clear and UV resistant
  • I have not tried this epoxy yet

Stone Coat Countertop Epoxy

  • Purchase: Stone Coat Countertop Epoxy (2 gallons)
  • 1/8” thick pours (can not be poured thicker)
  • Scratch resistant (but it still does scratch!)
  • Transparent (at 1/8” thick, I’m sure it will be yellow if you are thicker than 1/4”)
  • Heat resistance, not UV resistant
  • Corbin’s Notes:
    • Works great in thin pours; works well for filling engravings
    • Requires 2-4 flood coats to get it perfectly flat.
    • I did the gloss finish on my a river table with it and I’ve done some other finishes on artwork with it (for artwork, I should have used their “Artcoat epoxy”.

Pro Marine Bar Table Top Epoxy

Yeti Labs / Pour Me a River: The Top

  • Purchase: Pour Me a River The Top
  • UV Stabilizer, heat and scratch resistant
  • 18 hour dry time
  • Corbin’s Notes:
    • Haven’t used this one yet; need to try it out because the price is good, however, there are cheaper options that I’ve had good success with

Stone Coat Art Coat Epoxy

  • Purchase: Stone Coat Art Coat Epoxy (direct, 2 gallons) or Stone Coat Art Coat on Amazon
    • $99 – $110 / gallon
  • Same stuff as above with an extended working time (they say about 50 minutes longer than their countertop epoxy) and UV inhibitors
  • Corbin’s Notes: 
    • I have not used this yet. It would be interesting to use it for my artwork projects and clear coat on artwork engravings, but some other options are at a better price
    • I’m guessing it isn’t as scratch resistant as the Countertop Epoxy they sell; otherwise, they would just add UV inhibitors to it.  

Ecopoxy UVPoxy

  • Purchase: Ecopoxy UVPoxy or Amazon for Ecopoxy UVPoxy
    • $129/gallon
    • Free prime shipping on some versions
  • Pours up to 1/4”, UV resistant, crystal clear, doesn’t yellow
  • Corbin’s Notes:
    • Too expensive to try compared to other brands and options

Clear FX Poxy – by Countertop Epoxies

  • Site: FX Clear Epoxy
    • $95/gallon – not to bad a price – unsure on shipping
  • Heat resistance, crystal clear, very hard
  • Assuming it pours up to 1/4″, but I didn’t see that on the site

Upstart Epoxy – Countertop

  • Website: Upstart Epoxy (affiliate link)
  • Purchase: Epoxy Resin for Countertops
    • $90-$95/gallon depending on quantity
    • Use coupon code CORBIN5 for 5% off
  • Crystal clear / 1:1 ratio / UV resistant / High gloss

Quick Setting Epoxies

Generally good for sealing wood to prevent air bubbles. Usually the they will cure cloudy due to air entrapment and quick curing times, so they aren’t great for filling voids. They can be tinted. I do use them for filling engravings so I don’t have to wait as long for the epoxy to cure. Some listed are penetrating epoxies; these are more fluid and are designed to soak into the wood to make it more stable and prevent air bubbles.

WiseBond Quick-Set Seal Epoxy

Stone Coat Quick Coat Epoxy

Yeti Labs / Pour Me a River: The Quick

  • Website: https://yetilabsepoxy.com or https://pourmeariver.com
  • Purchase: Yeti Labs The Quick
    • $69/quart (out of stock)
  • Corbin’s Notes:
    • I can only find this on the Yeti Labs site and not on the “Pour Me a River” site. The sites look identical, but prices are better on Pour Me a River. I think it is not shown because it is out of stock at this time

Total Boat Penetrating Epoxy

Other Epoxy Brands

These are brands that I’m not considering for river tables, mainly due to price or pour thickness.

MAS Epoxies

I’ve used MAS epoxies for my wooden kayak. They work great, but are more expensive than other options.

  • Website: https://masepoxies.com
  • Deep Pour Epoxy: $130/gallon, 0.5-1″ deep
  • Penetrating Epoxy Sealer: $70/quart – looks good for soft wood
  • Table Top Pro Epoxy: $75/gallon

East Coast Resin

Countertop Only Epoxy Companies

Smooth-On, Inc

  • I’ve used Smooth-On epoxies for some casting projects (LED cyr wheel), and it worked great! I need to look into them again. I do recall their prices being high.

Needs Research

  • Alumilite
    • Lots of people use this brand for pressure pot castings
  • Rusty Design
  • Plastic World
  • Chill Epoxy / Polymers Technology

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