Epoxy Manufacturers and Price Comparisons (LITE VERSION)


This page is specifically for the Epoxy resin ideas & advice group. The admin’s don’t want affiliate links, so I removed them. For more complete product links and more detailed info visit my other post: epoxy manufacturers and price comparisons.

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Deep Pour Epoxies

WiseBond Deep Pour Epoxy

  • WiseBond Epoxy
    • $78 – $86/gallon (when using a promo code; see the related article to find them)
  • Datasheet link

KSRESIN Liquid Cast Deep Pour Epoxy Resin

  • $84/gallon (with shipping!, when using a promo code; see the other page for the code)
  • 1/2″ min pour depth, up to 2″, but I don’t think it can really handle that. See my other page for more details.

Chemtec Epoxy Cast

  • Prices:
    • $78/gallon (including shipping!) when purchased in 3 gallon kits – this is a great price, especially considering shipping!
    • $120/gallon (including shipping!) when buying 1 gallon
  • Pours 1 3/4″ – 2″, depending on the area (read the data sheet)
  • Comes in buckets, which kind of sucks for pouring

Yeti Labs / Pour Me a River: Deep Pour Epoxy

  • Prices:
    • $80/gallon, a good price, but there are cheaper options
    • However, $35 shipping (on the higher side) plus $17 California sales tax can make it more expensive!
    • Pours 3″ thick! The deepest listed here
  • U.V Resistant, crystal clear, Heat Resistant- Scratch Resistant
  • 36-48 hr cure time

Stone Coat Super Cast Epoxy

  • Stone Coat
    • ~$100/gallon (plus shipping); you can sometimes find promo codes for 5-10% off
    • $150 for 1.5 gallon kits; $20 shipping (cheaper if you purchase more)
  • Pours 2″ thick. Designed for greater than 3/4” per pour
  • Not scratch resistant, not transparent and not crystal clear in thick pours (yellow or amber), not UV resistant

FGCI Superclear 2.0 Liquid Glass

  • Prices:
    • $96.33/gallon w/shipping
    • $289/ 3 gallons, free shipping – comparable in cost to Yeti/Pour me a river
  • Says it pours 2-4″! (But see my note on my other page!!)

Ecopoxy Liquid Plastic 2:1

  • Prices:
    • $107/gallon (more expensive if you buy smaller quantities)
    • You might be able to find a retailer close to you
  • Pours up to 1.5” thick and minimum pours of 1/4” thick. Could be poured thicker if you cool the table.
  • UV resistentcures clear (not tested)
  • Datasheet link

FX Deep Cast – by Counter Top Epoxy

  • Website/Purchase: FX Deep Cast Epoxy
    • $290 for 1.5 gallons / $193/gallon (plus shipping)
    • Too expensive to consider
  • 2″ – 3″ deep
  • Ultra 3D Ultra Clear, UV stabilized, “rock hard durability”, non-fading


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