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Diving, Roatan island, Honduras

Louise and I went with Ken, Gabrielle, Mark and Michelle to Honduras to do some diving. We are staying at the Luna Beach resort and have done two days of diving so far. Today was the best day for diving– tons of fish! My highlights included seeing a grouper fish with half a trumpet fish sticking out of it’s mouth.

Geared 24″ Mountain Unicycle Riding

I finally got a geared hub for my 24″ Mountain Unicycle (muni) and gave it a ride last weekend. What a treat! The thing is blastingly fast. I rode a 6-7 mile loop in the Soquel Demonstration Forest called “Braille Trail”. It has a huge climb; most people walk it. I powered up it with a few lame dismounts (mainly due to me not being as fit as I usually am). I didn’t notice the extra weight in the hub at all! Riding down the single track was a blast; I tried to keep it in high gear as much... [read more]

Iphone art

Some crafty iPhone art. Taken quite a while ago and not altered.

The next big project…

….built-in “knee wall” dressers for the upstairs! Here’s a couple of pictures from SketchUp. I will give anyone the models, if they are interested in seeing how I designed them. I purchased a bunch of wood from aura hardwoods yesterday, and I’m hoping to start building tonight!

It’s a happy and a sad day.

I’ve known all along that Obama would win. I’m glad I was right! I’m sad that Prop 8 passed. Everyone should consider it a sad day for America when we start removing people’s rights and start discriminating against people. Saying two people can’t get married is discrimination. Maybe some day we will look back and realize our mistakes that we are making. We’ve made them before, and we know they were wrong. Women not being able to vote. Slavery. It was wrong for the morman church to back Prop 8 — especially considering most of the funding came from outside... [read more]

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