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Greener AAPLs

I’m quite happy that my work promotes green living.

Cocoa programmers: avoid writing to the user defaults when you don’t need to

[Edit: ecto ate this post, so I’m typing it in again!] I discovered that a lot of applications will unnecessarily write to NSUserDefaults. This causes your app to hit the disk when it shouldn’t, and... [read more]
Cocoa, Coding

Post muni pizza

Hmmm pizza! We had a great time riding mr Toads. 3hrs and 15 min– quite fast! Chuck and kevin finished an x large pizza. Louise and I ate only half.

Chuck with 4 dinners

Chuck had a snack on the drive up.

Getting rid of the undo warning in Xcode after saving

One of the most annoying dialogs in Xcode is the undo warning dialog you get when attempting to undo after a save. I do this all the time, and I hate the warning. Luckily, there... [read more]
Cocoa, Coding

Tips for getting into unicycling and mountain unicycling

Do you want to just learn to unicycle, or do you want to eventually mountain unicycle (muni)? If your goal is simply to learn to unicycle, your best bet is to get a cheap starter... [read more]

Northstar muni this weekend!

We are going to go muni riding in northstar this weekend! The place has lifts so we can just ride downhill. Here’s the car with my first ever attempt of loading unicycles on the roof.... [read more]

Wake up and smell the cocoa


Your most important breakpoint in Cocoa

…..drumroll please…and it is…is: objc_exception_throw. You should always have this breakpoint setup in any Cocoa or Cocoa Touch app that you are building. How do you do it? In Xcode, Run -> Show -> Breakpoints... [read more]
Cocoa, Coding

Project Huchinson is alive again!

I’m back to working on my eternal house project. I finished the baseboards for the downstairs, so now it is time to tackle the upstairs. The upstairs is really rough. First off, there are these... [read more]
Project Hutchinson

Barack Obama on twitter

What’s even cooler is that he’s following me now: —– I’m sure it is an auto-added thing, but still, cool :) He’s got my vote!

Typical ride to eork

The typical ride to work with my 20″ uni:

WordPress for iphone

… Woot! Simple blogging from my iphone 3g. How about this lamp I saw last week? Louise said NO.

Xcode code completion and your code

How can you become a faster Cocoa programmer? One way is to adequately name your variables, enums and classes. Let’s start with enums and take an example from something new to NSTableView in Leopard. This... [read more]
Apple, Cocoa, Coding

New blog layout

I updated my blog layout. I realize it doesn’t work that well in IE. In versions less than 7, it doesn’t support transparent png images, so the backgrounds probably look bad. In IE 7 it... [read more]

Unicycle paint jobs (2)

I picked up some sweet metallic red auto paint, and painted our unicycles. Here’s some final shots, and eventually I may write up a post on how it was done. Corbin’s KH 24 frame and... [read more]

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