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Christmas 2006 was great! me and louise: Reis and Louise: louise: bunny: me getting a treehouse book from my sister:

Project Hutchinson: Painting!

Well, now that we have drywall, it is time to paint! Louise has been doing most of the work, since my “christmas vacation” actually involved working on stuff at apple. She has been doing a super-good job. Here is the picasa album: Hutchinson Painting and some snapshots: louise..painting the fireplace area red! our bedroom…i came home and it was blue!

Project Hutchinson: Drywall!

Well! We’ve had a lot of progress on the house. I broke down and decided to pay someone to do some of the work, and a few weeks ago we had drywall installed and textured. The house looks great! We wanted a subtle texture, and Earl (the contractor who we are working with, who, interestingly enough, helped my dad build his house in the early 80’s), recommended “New World” texture. This is a relatively new style, as seen below, in our bedroom: And close up: The drywall guys did the house FAST. They hung all the drywall in one day.... [read more]

Project Hutchinson: The tiles. The doors. The windows. Still to come: More work.

We got all the tiles up! here are some of the last of em: I’ve been having working on finishing our new doors. We bought three Simpson brand doors from San Lorenzo Lumber, in Santa Cruz. Two are large french doors that will be the main entrance, and the other is a single french door that will be for the side of the house (along the same wall). They come unfinished and are fir. Here you can see the doors; I pulled them out of the frame to finish them. Here is a picture of our new main front door;... [read more]

Project Hutchinson. Progress…

I posted a series of more photos on picasa. Hutchinson Progress 2

For Sale: 2004 Volkswagen Golf R32

My friend is selling is car, check it out: Google Base: 2004 Volkswagen Golf R32 Contact me or Tom in the ad for more info. It is a great car, and Tom REALLY takes care of his stuff, so it is in super excellent shape.

Project Hutchinson: Driveway.

Project Hutchinson has moved forward. I now have a driveway! Check out all the pictures. Here you can see the driveway, along with the wall that Louise and I built. here’s another picture of the wall. Behind it, you can see the mini-wall that Louise built all by herself! To tell you the truth, she did most of the building of the main wall too. I did a lot of the digging and manual setup labor. Finally, here is a picture of the retaining wall, which is waiting for county permits before I get it poured: Technorati Tags: Remodeling

Muni Weekend 2007 – Santa Cruz!

That reminds me, California Muni Weekend 2007 will be in Santa Cruz this year! Jason, Louise and I are co-hosting, and Nathan Hoover will be organizing some Cooker Muni rides. Muni == Mountain Unicycle.

Jason’s Trials Course

Here are a few pictures of Jason’s trials course. Trials is riding over obstacles. It is a lot of fun! And by a few, I mean one.

Burning Man 2006 Notes

Some crazy stuff at Burning Man: A real working, steam engine! Crazy. Throughout the night you would hear the steam whistle blow every now and again.


Here are me and Louise’s new pet bunnies, Ada and Lily:


Great unicycle video

This guy is one of the best:

Motorcycle Mayhem 2006

Hi All, If you are in the Fresno / Bay area this Saturday, go to Motorcycle Mayhem 2006! I’ll be doing a unicycle trials demo with my friend Jason H. John Foss will be there giving some freestyle demos and doing a cool show. check it out!

burning man 2006 pictures

My burning man 2006 pictures are up. Check them out! I’ll highlight some of the cool things in upcoming blog entries.

Project Hutchinson

Well! My latest project has been working on my new house. Well, it isn’t new, and that’s why I need to work on it! It is a major fixer-upper, in the Los Gatos mountains, located off Hutchinson Road. Hence, we have Project Hutchinson. I think it will be interesting to document the process, and what better place than a blog? This is partially for myself/family, but anyone else who is interested can “watch the progress”. Ahh; okay, the current “entrance” is really the back door. The entrance was chopped when the deck was cut off before I bought the house.... [read more]

Check out this trials sequence

This is a great unicycling sequence shot that someone took:

Xcode debugging tips

It might be nice to note a few Xcode debugging things that I tend to do. Frequently, I’ll want to break on a specific symbol, like -[NSException raise] Well, there are several ways to do this. One way is to drop to GDB and type “b -[NSException raise]”. Another way is to bring up your breakpoints window in Xcode and add a symbolic breakpoint: and type in the same thing, “-[NSException raise]”. But wait! You can be lazy. Just type “raise” and Xcode will then prompt you to select the right symbol: You can also do this for a generic... [read more]

More circus pictures…

And some more pictures of my girlfriend and ashley:

get your espresso on!

My gal’s bro in law made a sweet site to find some of the hottest espresso wherever your travels take you: Check it out, and great job Eric!

More circus pictures of Louise and Ashley

More pictures of my girlfriend (the one with red hair):

Louise and circus stuff…(start of post..more in a bit)

Louise is my girlfriend, with the red hair on the left. She was in Georgia doing a performance/teaching with Ashley.

Aptos High School Class of 1996 Reunion

My 10 year high school reunion is in a month or so — Aptos High, Class of ’96! Unfortunately, it has two fatal flaws: 1. It is happening on Sept 2nd, Labor day weekend. I’ll be at burning man. 2. It costs $90! Marisa Larson (chair-gal), that is just too expensive! I know a lot of people aren’t going simply because of the cost. –corbin

People! Use your keyboard (shortcuts) for menus.

Mac OS X has some GREAT keyboard access. One spectacular thing is the ability to access all items (unlike windows, where you have to have a defined shortcut for each item, and you easily run out of items). First, go to the System and change the keyboard shortcut from Ctrl-F2 to Cmd-F2. Cmd-F2 is so much easier to hit than Ctrl-F2. Next, use it! Being from Windows, when I first used it I didn’t realize how it works. Basically, it is doing type-selection; ie: you type the word you want it to go to. So, people are amazed at... [read more]

Xcode tips and tricks — fast method finding

Inside of Xcode, I’ll want to quickly go to a method implementation. If you hit Cmd-F and do a find for the method name (or the start of it), you will frequently get hits for calls of the method instead of just the implementation. There is a quick way to find the implementation: Hit Cmd-F and type: “)methodName”. The left paren will match only the implementation (provided you don’t put a space after it…which you shouldn’t do anyways). I picked up this little tidbit by watching Troy Stephens code around. Thanks Troy!

New home!

I now own a house in Los Gatos, California! Pictures here. I’ll be doing a lot of remodeling work for the next, oh, um…several years. 4.5 acres off of Hutchinson road. I’m SUPER excited! My old house that i’m renting will be available for rent next month: 18400 Foster Rd, Los gatos, ca. $1200/month rent. the landlord is super nice, and it is close to town — a 5-6 minute drive down the hill and you are in downtown los gatos. Email me..corbin at blue tree soft dot com for details.


It was bound to happen. It finally happened. My blog has started to get spam. So, based on Bill’s Success of using Akismet, I installed it in my WordPress plugins and it is now happily eating spam. Yeah!

Mail tip of the day

In Mail, I frequently want to go to the first or last message in my list. On windows, the home and end keys work well for this. On MacOS, they don’t work in NSTableView/NSOutlineView by default. However, alt-up arrow and alt-down arrow will go to the end/start of the table. But, in Mail, this behavior goes to the next/previous message in a series. BUT! if you hold down alt-up arrrow for a brief second, it will take you to the start of your messages (and, alt-down arrow to go to the end). cool..

NSOutlineView: reloadData and crashes in reloadData

A note to NSOutlineView Cocoa programmers: It has never been safe to call reloadData while an outlineView is doing a reloadData. What the heck does that mean? Well, if you call reloadData, a whole bunch of delegate/datasource methods will be called, such as outlineView:numberOfChildrenOfItem:, outlineView:isItemExpandable:, etc. Well, if in those delegate methods you accidentally call reloadData again, bad things can happen. Specifically, you will probably get a crash in NSOutlineView. More often than not, this is done by an accidental side effect, but it is something to be aware of. On Leopard, I will make NSOutlineView more resilient to this... [read more]

New blog layout

I didn’t like the default layout, so I did what most people do and stole someone else’s and modified it to suite me. I took mine from another apple guy, Bill Bumgarner, aka bbum. Thanks Bill!

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