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The Corner Cabinet – CNC Woodworking

First off, check out the build video: The Corner Cabinet – CNC Woodworking Fine Furniture I finished this project about a month ago, but I never got around to posting it to my website. My... [read more]

The Voronoi Texture Cabinet Design

Video Link: The Voronoi Texture Cabinet Design on YouTube I started this cabinet late last year and finished in early January. My goal was to build something to hold a lot of my CNC accessories... [read more]

The Hydroponics/Aquaponics Setup

Normally when you think of California you think of sunny beaches and a warm temperate climate where you can easily grow fruits and vegetables. However, we live near Lake Tahoe, and it is cold in... [read more]

Video & Notes: CNC Vertical Work Table

Video link: CNC Vertical Work Table Build It’s been a while since I posted on my blog, and I’ve got a few videos on YouTube that are interesting to talk about. This one above is... [read more]
Wood inlay - pineapple shape with walnut wood on cherry

Video: Perfect CNC Inlays

This video is for CNC woodworkers on how to get perfect inlays with a straight bit. Using a straight bit is required when you want a deep inlay; something greater than 1/2″ thick and up... [read more]

Hex Salad Bowl with Wood Inlay – CNC Woodworking

Watch the video build: Hex Inlay Salad Bowl – My Hardest CNC Project My last hexagonal salad bowl was made with epoxy and cherry wood. I laminated up a bunch of pieces of cherry and... [read more]

Video: Dust Collector Closet

Video link: No cyclone dust collector, no problem! My dust collector is terrible at fine filtration. It is a cheapish 3 HP Grizzly dust collector. Something similar to this base 3 HP G1030Z2P that is... [read more]

Video: Hexagonal Salad Bowl

I finished this new salad bowl a few days ago. I decided to do my “signature style” of epoxy drips on a new bowl design. I played around with a lot of different shapes using... [read more]

Video: How to Make a CNC Spoilboard

Video link: The Ultimate CNC Spoilboard – over on YouTube. A lot of the base footage for this video was filmed when I built my CNC machine back in January and February of 2023. I... [read more]

CNC Dust Boot / CNC Dust Shoe / Dust Manifold / Version 2.0

Video link: 3D Printed CNC Dust Boot This is a new CNC Dust Shoe that I designed in Fusion 360. You can download it for free over on my workshop site: CNC Dust Boot for... [read more]

Salad Utensil Set – Hibiscus Inlay – Cherry and Walnut

This is the latest incarnation of my wood utensil set. I had a few people say I should do a salad set — and this is what I came up with! The overall shape is... [read more]

Video: CNC’ed Salad Bowl – A Failure?

I had a lot of issues making this bowl, and it took over a month to get it completed. I did a lot of test cuts…and I went through a lot of problems before I... [read more]

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