Butterfly Bowl – Translucent Purple with Madrone Bottom & Drips


The very last CNC woodworking bowl that I made was this translucent purple butterfly bowl, with madrone wood “drips”. This was before I moved away and packed up my workshop and was made in 2020.

The madrone wood was harvested from a neighbor’s dying tree. I milled it with my Alaskan mill and dried the wood in my DIY kiln.

This was an experiment that turned out really cool. I wanted to do an “inverse drip”, where the wood dripped down from the top as opposed to it being colored epoxy. I wanted the middle to be nearly transparent or translucent, but tinted just enough to show some color through. I used a shimmery purple mica powder, and the same bowl looks entirely different when viewed on a black background. I did a solid bottom to make it have a secondary butterfly image show through.

I sold this piece on my website redwoodmonkey.com

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