3D Artwork: Tree with Pink Cube


I’m playing around with tree generation using Blender with the Sapling plugin. I first traced the outline of a maple tree and used it as a leaf instance. The tree plugin has a ton of parameters that are fun to play with until you get the desired shape. The trees always look a bit stylized – more cartoonish than realistic, but the result can be pretty.

The tree alone wasn’t enough visual interest, so I tossed in a cube set to emit a strong pink light.

There is one light at the top of the tree, and some simple backdrop planes to fake a horizon.

The rendering is done with Cycles. The resulting image has a lot of speckled noise — I’m not sure why, and I have a lot more to learn!

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Pierre Liebenberg

Hello Corbin,

I stumbled upon this post while scrolling through your post about Mac UI inconsistencies. I’m coincidentally also learning Blender and had to deal with the same speckled noise when rendering with Cycles. You might well have solved the issue by now, but I figured I’d direct you to the denoising node in the Compositor. It works a treat and is better than the denoise checkbox in the Render properties panel.

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