Woodworking: Redwood Tree Epoxy Wall Art


IMG 3211

I’ve been experimenting with some epoxy wall art. This is a redwood tree that I engraved on some spalted oak, and applied a satin oil finish. This one is currently for sale ($80, plus shipping). Email me: corbin @ corbinstreehouse DOT com if you are interested in purchasing.

Here are a few more. Redwood tree in red epoxy; note that the bark has a chunk missing in the upper right side — I originally intended to remove the bark but left it on:

Redwood tree engraved

Redwood tree in black epoxy:

black redwood tree epoxy wall art

I’ve been engraving these with my Tormach CNC machine:

PCNC tormach engraving

tormach CNC in action on wood

Then filling them with epoxy before sanding and applying a finish:

epoxy resin art trees in wood

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