How to Finish Kitchen Cabinets – DIY Kitchen Cabinets Ep 9

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This video shows my process for how to finish cabinets. In this episode I talk about the prep work I do before starting to spray, and then discuss the various coats that I apply to achieve this look.

I use water based finishes; they are better for the environment, are easier to spray, won’t explode when spraying, and clean up with just soapy water. I prefer to spray with an HVLP gun; I don’t discuss spraying techniques – if you are interested to learn how to spray leave a comment below and I’ll see about making a video for that.

The finishing recipe for cabinets:
* Sand with 150 and then 220
* Blow off the dust
* Wipe down with denatured alcohol
* Spray a coat of WB Shellac to seal the grain and prevent blotching
* Wipe on a gel stain; let it sit for a minute
* Wipe off the gel stain, let it dry for 24 hours
* Spray a barrier coat of WB Shellac
* Spray 3 coats of EM6000 lacquer
* Sand with 400 grit by hand
* Spray one final coat of EM6000 lacquer

For drawers, I use solid maple and do the following:
* Sand with 100 (if needed), 150, and 220
* Blow off dust & wipe down with alcohol
* Spray 3 coats of EM7000HBL lacquer
* Sand with 400 grit by hand
* Spray one final coat of EM7000HBL lacquer
(Maple doesn’t need a shellac coat for a clear finish).

Tools & Machines Used
* HVLP Spray System (I have the older model)
* Random Orbital Sander

Finishing Products Used
* EMTECH USH3000 UltraSeal-WB Shellac Sealer
* EMTECH EM6000 WB Production Lacquer (satin, for the cabinets)
* Honey Maple Gel Stain
* EM7000HBL High Build WB Spray Lacquer (satin, for the drawers, what I used is no longer available).
NOTE: I used the “satin” version, as I did not want a shiny finish!


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