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Treehouses. They fascinate children and bring out imagination in adults.

Picture of Corbin\'s Treehouse

I am one of the few crazy people in the world who built and lived in their own treehouse. I built my first one in Jr High School (1992), and then a proper one to live in when I was 20-21. I lived in it for about 5 years.

I have quite a few web pages documenting the treehouse — mainly construction of the new one, and some pictures of when it was finished. They are in the “old style” of my website, and have some outdated links (sorry!)

Start on the main page: treehouse.html.

Or, take a look at some of the finished pictures, from back in 2000: Page 7 of Treehouse Pictures.

Note that the treehouse fell down in 2009 (the floor fell out). It had survived 10 years in the trees, but the last 5 years had zero maintainence and probably contributed to beam failure.

Below are posts from the “treehouses” category on my site.

The Second Treehouse in 1999 – Furnished – part 7

I’m still converting old web pages from the late 90’s to a “modern” WordPress format. Here are some pictures from 8/26/1999! I had just tossed in some furniture and was planning to move in that... [read more]

The Second Treehouse in 1999 – Before Move In Day – part 6

These are from 8/16/1999. The day before I moved into my treehouse. I spent about 5 years in the treehouse before moving out. It survived 10 years before falling to the ground.   

The Second Treehouse in 1999 – The Interior Comes Along – part 5

Just a page of pictures that I posted to my site back on May 6th, 1999.   This is a picture of the stairs going up to the house. The railing is made of some... [read more]

The Second Treehouse in 1999 – Outside Pictures – part 4

The is a continuation on my series reminiscing about the second treehouse that I built. Previously, I showed initial design, construction starting, and then the house starting to appear.  Back in May 1999 I put... [read more]

The Second Treehouse in 1999 – A House Appears – part 3

Here are some pictures that come from April 6th, 1999. I started construction of this treehouse back in 1998, but it took me about a year to complete it. I recall that my dad got... [read more]

The Second Treehouse in 1998 – Construction Begins – part 2

This is a continuation of The Second Treehouse in 1998 – part 1. Once I had the floor layout I could start building the treehouse. The entire process took about a year from start to... [read more]

The Second Treehouse in 1998 – Why and the Floor – part 1

Back in about 1998 I decided to build a proper treehouse to live in. A lot of this information comes from my website back in the early 2000’s when I documented the build process, and... [read more]

My First Treehouse (pt2) 1997

This is a continuation of “My First Treehouse”. Below are some pictures I scanned of it back in 1997. All text is written by me back then. —   I scanned these pics that I... [read more]

My First Treehouse (pt1) 1992

I’m converting some of my old website into proper blog entries.  Below is some text that I wrote back in 1992 when I was 14 years old and made my first website. All phrases and... [read more]

Some amazing treehouses

A friend pointed me to a link on MNN with some amazing treehouses. That led me to Romero Studios. They have built some quit amazing treehouse structures, such as the screen shot below. Check them... [read more]

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