The Second Treehouse in 1999 – A House Appears – part 3


Here are some pictures that come from April 6th, 1999. I started construction of this treehouse back in 1998, but it took me about a year to complete it. I recall that my dad got a digital camera about this time, so I was excited and took a bunch of pictures.

The Deck

The treehouse had a back door with a small deck. Here are a few pictures of the deck, and the door that led to the outside.

Treehouse deck

Treehouse deck2

Treehouse door


Entrance Door

The main entrance was via a stairway up into the trees that ended on a small landing deck. The entrance door was nestled in between a few redwoods.

Treehouse door2



Main Door, From Inside

Once you entered the treehouse and turned around, you could see the plethora of windows.

Treehouse front door inside


This photo below is looking towards the back wall; the back right hand side of this wall became the shower area. Above that was a small loft for my bed.

Treehouse inside


Here is the roof details. I had never framed a roof before, and didn’t use hangers

Treehouse looking at roof



Stairs from Window

If you poke your head out the window to the left of the entrance you could see the stairs leading up into the treehouse.

Treehouse looking at stairs


The far right side was the highest part of the treehouse; heres a birds eye view when looking down.

Treehouse lookingdown


Walking out on the back deck and looking towards the house you can see the windows.

Treehouse outside



The roof had to have some areas cut out for the redwoods. The trees were a bit close, and this probably wouldn’t work for growth. It might have been one of the factors that made the treehouse fall down (after 10 years)Treehouse roof

Looking up inside.
Treehouse roof2


A view from the road of the entrance stairs. You can see the old lower treehouse still standing. I had eventually rook it down to simplify the structure. 

Treehouse stairs


View from the window of the treehouse. You can almost see the ocean on clear days.

Treehouse view on top of roof


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cherry george morgan

Wow, these pictures from 1999 bring back such nostalgic memories! It’s incredible to see the progress you made on this treehouse over the course of a year. The small deck looks like the perfect spot to enjoy the view and soak up some nature.
It’s amazing how technology has evolved since then, and the fact that your dad got a digital camera at that time must have been so exciting! Those photos have captured a piece of your treehouse-building journey beautifully.

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