The Second Treehouse in 1999 – Outside Pictures – part 4


The is a continuation on my series reminiscing about the second treehouse that I built. Previously, I showed initial design, construction starting, and then the house starting to appear

Back in May 1999 I put these pictures on my website. This photo below shows the old treehouse down below, and the new treehouse built above it. I utilized the old treehouse as a platform to stand on to build part of the new treehouse floor. Bootstrapping ;)

Treehouse outside 2

Treehouse outside




Here’s a few pictures of the entrance door, and then flipping around and looking back at it when you walk in.

Treehouse door

Treehouse inside door above

Treehouse inside door


My parent’s big house was a short walk away up the hill. This is the path I would take to get to it.


Treehouse walkway


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