Bathroom Vanity: Concrete Counter Top

Project Hutchinson, Woodworking

The project continues with a nice counter top. I wanted to go for concrete as I’m fascinated by it, and got two concrete counter top books by Cheng and some premixed stuff from his website (more on this later)

Based on the books, I built a template – but I used cardboard since I had it laying around:

IMG 5349

I built a mold based off information from the books. Sprayed some sticky stuff on it, and tossed down a bunch of aggregate that I also got from Cheng’s site.

IMG 5363

Notice the custom side inlay on the far side; a bike sprocket piece!

IMG 5374

I think the pour is a little too wet, but it seems strong enough so far. Now, it looked a lot greener than I was expecting. I had ordered Mohave Gold (more later).

Here’s a time lapse of me doing the pour:



And then releasing it from the mold 4 days later:

I thought I got Mohave Gold; but the package simply had an “other” color checkbox marked. I ground and finished it based on the book:

IMG 5423

Still really green! I was hoping for this:

Screen Shot 2015 10 22 at 7 17 11 PM

and looking on the site I see Olive:

Screen Shot 2015 10 22 at 7 28 14 PM

I have a feeling that they simply sent me the wrong color! I’m still happy with the end result. More details in the next post…



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