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Bathroom electrical

I tore out the rest of the drywall, and removed the old bath tub. I then started redoing the electrical in prep for the new cabinet. The electrical switches were on the wrong side; they should always be on the opposite side of the door hinges, so they are easy to get to when you open the door. The prior owner seemed to like to always put them on the left, which makes them really difficult to use. I wish I would have realized this before I drywalled my main entrance; otherwise I would have moved the switches. At least... [read more]

Bathroom remodel: drawers finished

I finished my drawers; sprayed 4 coats of Target Coatings Water based lacquer on them. (EmTech 6000). It took a whole gallon to do them all..and ran out right at the end. These are mainly notes for myself, as I wish I had made notes when I did my last set of drawers. I would first spray the bottoms on edge, like below: Then drop them into the normal position after they dried and do the rest. I put on two coats, then sanded with 220 to get any bumps off. The bottoms of the smaller drawers got a little... [read more]

Bathroom remodel: moving the water ins and outs

The bathroom remodel is a slow project when I do everything myself. Today I worked on finishing my drawers while also moving the plumbing for my sink. It’s hard to tell, but I cut out the 2″ ABS pipe drain on the left and moved it to the right. This mostly involved messing with stuff under the house. Tomorrow I’m going to learn how to to sold copper soldering and move the water inlets (seen on the left).

Bathroom Cabinets: Floating design

I want my bathroom cabinets to “float”. The top one floats 2″ in the air on top of the bottom cabinet, and the bottom cabinet floats 3″ in the air off the ground. The right hand side can be screwed into the wall, but the left side needs support. I welded up this bracket; it is bolted to the bottom and bolted to the pair of studs. It is quite sturdy! The top slips on; for testing to get the position right, I clamped the bracket to the walls, and used a brace on the right side: It is plenty... [read more]

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