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old poetry (part 3)

I’m not sure when I wrote this. Yes, I do make up words! ———————————————————————— wandering through a vast void of black, a small light appears to bring me back, turns from night to dawn to day, with the air clear and around to stay, then thick like clouds it becomes, and wet like water it runs, making all turn to green, bringing life to those seen, happiness to mark the path, until a query it you havith, but the answer presents to you, for it is, my love for you.

Recumbent at Burning Man

Rob Bowman got a cool picture of me on the recumbent unicycle. Thanks Rob!

old poetry (again)

Hey, this one even rhymed! 2/14/2004 Words come so softly from her lips, And fall upon my open ears, Captivating my curiosity while tranquilizing my fears. Sparkling blue eyes she uses to gaze, And see no task to colossal or vast, For a look into, makes me forget the past. Her ams could define a million words, While also creating the meaning of embrace, As I will for them, to wrap me like a lace. Her silky smooth skin is to ogle with desire, One wants nothing more than I, To kiss her neck, while shed peers into the night... [read more]

old poetry

I’ve always been fascinated with poetry. I generally write poetry for specific people. Here’s some of my older work; you can deduce who it was for by the year and month (if you know me well enough). this poem could be much better with some rework of a few parts. March 30, 2004 if, but you may, realize how moonstruck i am. ahh, but an example. when i dauntlessly gaze upon you, my heart flutters from within, trying to escape, and take over my being. all my senses begin to flee from me, until, yes, my ears do work, for... [read more]

Unicycle Tour of San Francisco 2011 part 2

My socks, standing on the wheel looking down: In front of Lombert St: Good picture for Sept 11th (the day of the unicycle ride): “Ride the Lobster” unicycle socks on Nathan: The whole gang: Rob: The Golden Gate bridge: x Me thinking about riding it. If it was a 20″ wheel I would try it.. View while crossing the bridge at 8mph:

Unicycle Tour of San Francisco 2011

There was a small group of riders that did this years Unicycle Tour of San Francisco. Gary organized the ride and produced some awesome jerseys: …and also some energy bars! (UTSF = Unicycle Tour San Francisco). Here’s a short recap of the ride, as seen on the back of the jersey: Jim cruising on the geared 24: One of the few pictures of me…mainly because I was taking too many pictures! Grace said I was very color coordinated that day.    At Coit Tower: Back to the Embarcadaro: Ashley; the only girl unicyclist this time: Aaron:

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