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old poetry (part 3)

I’m not sure when I wrote this. Yes, I do make up words! ———————————————————————— wandering through a vast void of black, a small light appears to bring me back, turns from night to dawn to... [read more]

Recumbent at Burning Man

Rob Bowman got a cool picture of me on the recumbent unicycle. Thanks Rob!

old poetry (again)

Hey, this one even rhymed! 2/14/2004 Words come so softly from her lips, And fall upon my open ears, Captivating my curiosity while tranquilizing my fears. Sparkling blue eyes she uses to gaze, And see... [read more]
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old poetry

I’ve always been fascinated with poetry. I generally write poetry for specific people. Here’s some of my older work; you can deduce who it was for by the year and month (if you know me... [read more]

Unicycle Tour of San Francisco 2011 part 2

My socks, standing on the wheel looking down: In front of Lombert St: Good picture for Sept 11th (the day of the unicycle ride): “Ride the Lobster” unicycle socks on Nathan: The whole gang: Rob:... [read more]

Unicycle Tour of San Francisco 2011

There was a small group of riders that did this years Unicycle Tour of San Francisco. Gary organized the ride and produced some awesome jerseys: …and also some energy bars! (UTSF = Unicycle Tour San... [read more]

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